Virgo is well-suited to any career in which thoroughness, attention to detail, & efficiency are required. A virgo is made of steel, Tells Hirav Shah.


A Virgo(August 23 – September 22) is an employee who will get things done right, even if he or she drives everyone crazy in the process, Says India’s Most Popular Business Astrologer™ Hirav Shah.

Virgo is very particular and neat, keeping a well-organized and spotless work area. Excellent records are kept, and everything has a place.

Virgos are not temperamentally suited to a job where constant chaos and changing priorities are an everyday reality. They prefer a career that allows them complete control over their work and environment. Virgo usually gains a solid reputation for quality and an untarnished record.

Virgo needs to have clear direction and expectations. This sign will get easily stressed if instructions are vague or there are last-minute changes. He or she is motivated to work within established standards and to follow company policy.

How Virgos Operate At Work / Business

1.Auditor- Virgos are known far and wide for their eye for detail, critical nature, and head for figures. In this career, they can indulge their need to go over financial matters with a fine-tooth comb.

Taking on this challenge will not win them a popularity contest. They can, however, get a lot of satisfaction by being thorough and feeling highly superior. Tax auditor is a job which suits them to the “T”.

2. Interested In Health & Nutrition- One way to help make the world a better place is to teach people how to take care of themselves with good eating habits. Virgos practice what they preach and can speak from experience. There is the tendency, though, for Virgo to recommend a program that is too austere. Not everyone has such a virtuous attitude toward food. Virgos can make good nutritionists.

3. Interested In Natural Healing- An interest in health and natural healing could become a satisfying avenue for Virgos to explore. They are always experimenting with herbs, vitamins, and health foods, and some may decide to study the science in depth. This choice could be lucrative and would appeal to

Virgo’s need for security. Virgos are always striving for perfection, in themselves and in others. This way, they can safely suggest lifestyle changes in a professional capacity and not come across as control freaks. Virgos can make good naturopaths for sure.

4. Housekeeping- Life at home for Virgo is a non-stop whirl of housework, laundry, and straightening up. Why not get paid to indulge this sense of order and cleanliness by becoming a professional housecleaner?

Virgo’s sense of perfection will come in handy when working to certain standards. Virgo will do the job by the book and then give everything a second white-glove test. No speck of dust, fingerprint, or scuff mark is safe from the discerning eye of Virgo. Housekeeping is a job which Virgos can perform efficiently and to perfection.

Virgo’s Best Compatibility With Other Signs

1.Compatibility of Virgo with Virgo

One Virgo working with another Virgo may be a sight to see.
Since this sign is known for its organization, chances are the team’s workspace will be spotless, with everything placed into color-coded folders.

The main challenge between these two may be who’s going to lead. Since both prefer to work without much supervision, honing and shaping the project they’re working on, they do better when no one’s in charge. If they can put their minds to the same task, there’s not much this duo can’t accomplish. Success comes naturally when they share the spotlight.

2.Compatibility of Virgo with Capricorn

Virgo-Capricorn work compatibility is high.Virgo is no stranger to hard work. These people may even fall into the camp of workaholics. Good thing they’ve met their match in the sign of Capricorn.

Both of these Earth Signs know that hard work means climbing up the ladder to claim their birthright. Money and success both come when these powerhouses set their minds to a shared goal. Together, they can manifest nearly anything in the career sector they desire.

3.Compatibility of Virgo with Pisces

Virgo-Pisces work compatibility is mostly high.Virgo and Pisces sit opposite one another on the Zodiac wheel, which can sometimes mean that they’re pulling in opposite directions, toward opposing ideas and desires.

But in the working sector, Virgo and Pisces can find a way for both to benefit, as long as they’re willing to agree on which role each will play.

Since Virgo’s great at shaping, editing, and organizing, that’s one role filled. Pisces, on the other hand, needs to connect on an emotional level with the project, and knows on an intuitive level what customers need.

Final Thoughts

Virgos are made of steel.They are not afraid to wage war for what they believe in.

Lastly, Virgos don’t want perfection, they want honesty !! – Hirav Shah concludes…

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