Some foods complement each other very well. Just so well that they seem to make each other better! They blend with each other in a synergistic rhythm, as though they were meant to be together.

Leading Business Transformation Leader, Hirav Shah calls such food pairings – “The Perfect Food Couples” and they not only amp up the flavor coefficient but improve their overall dietary value!

When used together, certain ingredients turn them from individually regular dishes into healing super items.

Food synergy”, the concept, may be nature’s own meal plan to make us healthier. Try to combine five of these synergistic foods suggested by Hirav Shah in your diet, for a fitter you

Synergistic Foods

1. Garlic & Fish

Synergistic Foods

Garlic has sulphur compounds which help in boosting the immune system and also reducing bad cholesterol levels. Being rich in protein & Omega 3, fish also boosts one’s immunity & reduces inflammation in the body.

Use garlic in your fish marinade to help boost the fish’s therapeutic properties & to drop the LDL & triglyceride levels. This food combo
does the job more efficiently together, than when eaten separately.

2.Rice & Vinegar

Synergistic Foods

Vinegar helps to enhance insulin sensitivity. Partnering vinegar with a rice based meal helps in shallowing out and in preventing spikes in the blood sugar levels by 20-35%. This is particularly crucial for somebody who is diabetic or simply watching their weight.

3. Green Tea & Lemon

Some lemon juice needs to be squirted into your morning cuppa. The lemon’s Vitamin C facilitates the absorption of the green tea’s antioxidants – catechins, in the human body.

Green tea which is essentially a caffeine containing beverage tends to cause our body to become acidic.

Lemon makes the body PH alkaline & hence, adding lemon juice to green tea will aid in buffering acidity.

4. Steak & Rosemary

Synergistic Foods

Rosemary’s robust flavor blends very well with the meat steak. Using Rosemary for marinating or flavoring your steak helps to neutralize the carcinogenic compounds such as Heterocyclic Amine (HCA) that is formed when you char the meat or cook it at a really high temperature.

This is because of the high antioxidant content such as Carnosic acid & Carnosol in the Rosemary. Always try to ensure to consume grass fed, organic meat.

5.Tomato & Olive Oil

Tomatoes are blessed with phytochemicals called Lycopene, which help fight prostate cancer by improving prostate health and prevent cardiac ailments. These carotenoids being fat soluble, synergising tomatoes with a little fat in the form of an olive oil drizzle, makes them more easily available to the body to absorb and immensely benefit from.

Final Thoughts: When it comes to staying healthy, this wonderful synergy of ingredients which is an intrinsic part of our native culture, is what we need to keep in mind when it comes to staying healthy & getting maximum nourishment from everything we consume.

When eaten intelligently, good food is made great. By realizing how our incredibly complex bodies function, we can adjust our diets to best suit it and aid it along our way to wellbeing and wellness-Concludes Hirav Shah, Noted Business Enhancement Expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Five Healthiest Foods?

Raw fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts and juices.

Why Is Healthy Food Important?

For good health, nutrition and to prevent any disease or infection.

What Is The Healthiest Snack?

Raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are the healthiest snacks.

What Is The Healthiest Fruit?

Apples, blueberries, bananas, oranges, and coconut.