If you get off the bike after 30 minutes and you are gasping for breath with your hair, skin, and clothes all saturated with perspiration, then congratulations! You have burned as many calories as you possibly can in that half an hour, or nearly so.

You have elevated your heart rate and pushed loads of oxygen through your body while burning through (probably) 1/2 to 1/4 of your body’s store of glycogen. You will have set things up so that when your body recharges itself in the ensuing hours, it will try to build up a little extra capacity so that next time you do this you may be able to ride and a slightly faster pace or for a slightly longer time. And as long as you avoid sabotaging yourself with energy bars or “rewards” like an ice cream cone, or smoothie, etc., and as long as you’re eating a sensible diet, you may contribute enough to lose an extra half pound (or more) per week — if you do this every day.

As we gradually lift restrictions across the world, the worry now is how to get people out again without significantly raising the risk of spreading disease. Amid all these deliberations, the humble cycle is emerging as a viable solution not only because it would keep people away from crowded public transport but also because it would help us retain some environmental gains made during the lockdown; Not to forget the health benefits , which makes it  current year Mantra for a healthy body and mind.

Let’s elaborate this further now. 

Explanation : There are many health benefits that you will experience when you start cycling.

Here are some of them:-

Heart Health

One of the most important things that cycling can help you achieve is to ensure that your heart is getting enough rest. Cycling is great for cardiovascular fitness because it allows your heart to have a good workout without the impact of the pedals and so it can get a full workout, says Business Astrologer™ Hirav Shah. This in turn helps to prevent the buildup of cholesterol in your arteries, which can cause you many health problems. Cycling is great because it gets the heart working hard without the risk of injury.

Lungs Health

Cycling is also great exercise for your lungs. In fact if you do cycling regularly, it can actually help you lose weight. When you are breathing it is actually working your body instead of the air around you. Your body uses more oxygen when you are riding a bike than when walking or running. Cycling is great because not only is it beneficial for your lungs, but it is also great for your legs and calves. Cycling is especially good for those with flat feet or arthritis because it is a low impact activity.

Bone Health

Cycling is also great for bone health as well as weight loss. This is because when you are pushing your body, then you are also making sure that it receives all the help it needs. This in turn ensures that your body receives all the calcium and other minerals that it needs to keep strong and healthy. Cycling is a very low impact activity, which means that it can be very beneficial for your body if you have problems with your joints.

Cardiac Health

One of the main benefits of cycling is that it can help you gain cardiovascular health. Cycling has been found to be a great stress reliever and it can help to lower your blood pressure. This is especially important for those who suffer from high blood pressure. Cycling has also been found to reduce the chances of heart attack or stroke by up to 60%. Cycling is very good for your heart because it works on your upper muscles, which help to strengthen the heart muscle.

Cycling, A Rewarding Exercise

One of the most obvious benefits of cycling is that it is an excellent form of aerobic exercise that you can enjoy almost anywhere. Cycling is so simple to learn that you don’t have to have a great deal of time or money to get started.You can simply get your cycle out, ride around town or your neighborhood, and start getting fit. You’ll quickly discover that cycling is an enjoyable and rewarding activity that will improve your physical health. For people who lead busy lives or those who find it difficult to find time for exercise, cycling can be a great option.

Cycling offers something for everyone. You don’t need to be super fit to get into shape; anyone can cycle for minutes or hours on end. Cycling also provides a great low impact physical activity. Unlike other exercises, you get some exercise with each pedal. This helps prevent repetitive stress injury that is often caused by other, more strenuous forms of exercise.

By getting a daily amount of physical activity, cycling will also help you relax after a long day at work or school. Cycling is also an excellent way to stay in shape if you are trying to lose weight.

So, whether you are a professional cyclist or not, the key is to remember that cycling can provide you with many benefits that can improve your health and life.

Meanwhile,  there are many types of cycling that you can choose to participate in like

Indoor stationary cycling, Mountain biking, Road biking and Tandem riding or simply “cycling for work” or “cycling for home”. 


Cycling tones your heart muscles, lowers resting pulse and reduces blood fat levels. Research also shows that people who cycle to work have two to three times less exposure to pollution than car commuters, so their lung function is improved.

Cycling for 15 to 20 minutes per day has some important health benefits. The effort and intensity of your cycling will dictate how far these benefits go, but even 15-minutes of gentle exercise is beneficial for overall health.