There is no better option than social media. Approximately 88% of the business today utilize social media to market their brands. However, not all are succeeding in the race of social media marketing.

Hirav Shah, the well known Astro strategist, and Business Astrologer™ says Social Media Marketing is one of the most powerful tools to achieve success in this cut-throat era of competition in Business. Hirav Shah who believes that “If you have a business goal in mind, get a strategy to reach there. If you don’t; ‘t have a strategy you might still survive but can never thrive.”

Hirav Shah recently spoke on how to take control of Social media marketing to achieve unprecedented results in your business. He says to beat the competition, it is important to take control of social media with excellent strategy and constant efforts.

Hirav Shah who is a scholar in Astrology for Business lists down the techniques of using the Brahmastra called ‘Social media marketing’.


You must not look at social media marketing as a part of a portion of marketing but instead, you must align your whole marketing strategy with social media presence. It must be cohesive with your desired business results. You must keep in mind to optimize your approach to social media. With the right approach, you can establish engagement with potential and target audience. Interaction and engagement are the most crucial and important steps to implement and plan out beforehand to stay at the top of your customer’s mind to reach desired outcomes.

With the right direction towards social media, the next important step is to identify the customers and potential customers. The marketing team must focus on the trending content, what content people prefer, what provokes them to take action on social media, and how people consume content. Understanding customer thinking and approach is the key to better engagement.


With preparation done, here is a succinct strategy that will help you tackle all social media hurdles and take over social media marketing. It will help you to recognize your social goals, engage audiences, and optimize your results:

1. Always Set Realistic and Meaningful Social Marketing Goals

Social media is a very unpredictable platform,

therefore, having unrealistic goals might bring expected loss and disappointment. Therefore, setting short and realistic goals.

2. Do Detailed Research of Your Target Audience

Making assumptions is an extreme sport for marketers. Therefore, you must go through demographic data, social media demographics, conduct surveys, etc. to help you understand the right audience. These numbers and data will directly speak for the approach to take and content to publish.

3. Establish Social Media Metrics that Matters

No matter what your brand is offering, the social media marketing should be data-driven. Establishing reach, clicks, likes, engagement, comments, hashtag performance, organic outcomes, and sentiments metrics will act as an eye-opener and help in being more aligned with goals.

4. Keep Eye on Your Competition

Only focusing on your marketing and product isn’t enough. You must keep track and eye on every activity of your competitor. This helps in altering your ideas and throwing in your dice at the right time to stay ahead of them.

5. Focus on Making Great Content

In the digitized world, the amount of content available and being produced daily is just humongous. Therefore, to have your content stand out it must be great instead of just good. Also, you must stick to any one kind of content but keep constant upgrading and variations in it.

6. Fix Timelines as Your Top Priority

Instead of sprinkling updates on social media, you must shower them. Quality holds immense importance, but quantity also holds a great impact on overall marketing. Also, being punctual helps in gathering a greater audience and keep them engaged until your next update.

7. Compare the Results to Aimed Goals

Marketing brings in inconsistent results. However, you must keep the track of results on a weekly or monthly basis to look for ways of uplifting and enhancing the results. Example, you can compare top places to Invest In Ahmedabad real estate campaign on facebook vs same campaign on insta with factor likes & comments.

8. Make sure to Continuously Renovate

To have a firm holding on social media marketing, it is important that you continuously alter your work and renovate it. This way you can uplift your standing in the crowd and keep your audience curious and, hence, engaged.

Hirav Shah wraps things up saying that it takes a long time to build an audience and even longer to start incorporating feedback into your strategies. On social media, your competition is already increasing with every passing day, so don’t let your competitors take your probable customers. The earlier you start, the faster you see the growth in your business.

Good luck and happy planning!