From the boardroom to Hollywood and the floor of the House of Representatives & from Indian Politics to Business and Bollywood, women today are making their presence known.

Angela Merkel, Christine Lagarde, Kamala Harris, Ursula von der Leyen, Melinda French Gates, Nirmala Sitharaman, Smriti Irani, Mamata Banerjee, Lata Mangeshkar, Priyanka Chopra, Madhuri Kanitkar & Roshni Malhotra are some of the most influential women in the world.

To all women who are reading this, Never Doubt that- You are valuable and powerful, and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world, to pursue and achieve your own dreams.

Meanwhile, we all know how the world has been today…
Tough times are just refusing to end and this has made the situation darker than ever.

But, but…for women, there is some good news here !!

Women especially, who are home with families, children, inlaws or on their own, have an opportunity today, to add value to their careers and work. They can all uplift and empower themselves through Astro-Strategy today.

If you are wondering, whether it’s for all zodiac signs, then Yes.

If you are thinking how, then we are mentioning all of that below :


Details- As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries (March 21st – April 19th) likes to be the center of attention. They are charming and natural-born leaders, so they deserve it.

Astro-Strategic Advice- Because Aries is ruled by warrior planet Mars, they are typically good at emergencies, and often feel ready to meet the challenges at hand.

Aries women can become brilliant online entrepreneurs. The energy and drive are naturally there, and that is what is first needed, to start a business.

Even if they have no idea how to start, they will quickly learn what to do in order to establish their own digital business because the drive is there to learn and to keep going on and on, till success is attained.

The Aries women like to take risks and can be impulsive with money, but given their energy and confidence, they are also quick to recover from setbacks.

Budgeting and frugality is not their strong suit, but they make up for it with their determination.
They only need to steer clear of large debts, rest they can handle.

Aries women can also make a mark as stockbrokers, digital marketers, chefs, fashion stylists & fitness instructors.


Details- The phrase “slow and steady wins the race” is the Taurus mantra. As perhaps the earthiest of the signs, Taurus women (April 20 – May 20) who are ruled by Venus, are known for their reliability, consistency, and stamina.

Astro-Strategic Advice- Taurus women are patient and reliable, but also extremely stubborn. Their loyalty and dedication could end up limiting them professionally, as they tend to get stuck in a rut. They are practical about saving for the future and are generally conservative in their investments.

Real Estate Investment, Finance Management, Online Fashion / Beauty Blogging, Organic Farming and Music are the best WFH jobs for Taurean women today.


Details- Geminis (May 21st – June 20th) are ruled by mercury. Hence, Gemini women are
characterised by unpredictability and impulsiveness.

Astro-Strategic Advice- Digital marketer, online teacher, writer, 3D & 2D artist & communication professional are the work from home jobs that will suit Gemini women ” To The T “.

However, they are somewhat frivolous with money, which makes it difficult for most of them to accumulate wealth. Therefore, to avoid disrupting financial plans with their own indecisiveness, they should make long-term investments and commitments.


Details- Cancer dates are typically from June 21st to July 22nd. Cancer is ruled by the moon.

Hence, Cancerian women are caring and family oriented, dedicated to taking care of their loved ones.This sometimes compels them to sacrifice their own interests.

Astro-Strategic Advice- If Cancerian women start working from home right now, they will feel lucky because they have the ability to continue to create and provide, which not only benefits them, but those they love.

Interior designing, social work and therapists are a few jobs which Cancerian women can perform very well, from their homes.

They are usually keen to ensure financial security, and therefore, make sound financial decisions. They just need to rely on their instincts when it comes to savings, but taking the occasional calculated risks can be very rewarding.


Details- Leo (July 23 – August 22) is ruled by the Sun. Hence, Leo women have a taste for the good life.

Astro-Strategic Advice- WFH could be a bit difficult for Leo Women. Hence, they need to lean into their love of the spotlight and come up with creative techniques to feel productive, even if they don’t have access to the tools they normally do.

They can stay connected and make the most of the digital age. They can be digital champs, in fact.They can get bold in their work-from-home beauty looks and professional brainstorming, to keep their active mind and majestic style in full force.

Leo women can be pretty good motivational speakers, travel writers and online entrepreneurs. They have to use their ambitious streak to achieve financial success.


Details- Virgo (August 23 – September 22) is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the planet of communication, intellect, memory, and transportation. Hence, Virgo women are naturally inclined to being cautious with their finances. They are hardworking and practical, and therefore instinctively build savings and prepare for the future.

Astro-Strategic Advice- Virgo women can do incredibly well at the work-from-home game. They are also a mutable sign, so they are adaptable and see change as a challenge rather than a setback.

Accountant, Nutritionist Or Dietician, Youtube etc… are some jobs they can try their hand at, while at home. They are modest and meticulous with money, but also tend to be fretful about it. They can take occasional risks when investing.


Details- Libra is ruled by Venus. Venus represents beauty and equilibrium. Hence, Libra women (Sep 23-Oct 22) are well known for dance, music, recreation and looking for beauty in every possible thing.

Astro-Strategic Advice- Picking up a hobby, such as sketching, playing an instrument, or writing, can help ground them and make it easier to show up for themselves during their work hours.

Legal analyst, counselor, recruiter, online event planner are the best WFH jobs suited for Libra women. For investments, they need to be systematic. Actually, it’s advisable for them to consult a financial adviser for the same.


Details- Ruling planet(ancient) is Mars.Ruling body(modern) is pluto. Hence, Scorpio women(October 23rd to November 22nd) are known for their determined nature and leadership skills.

Astro-Strategic Advice- Scorpio women have a natural flair for managing money.

Infact, they are champions at this…
Their intuitive nature can help them make the right decisions about spending and investing. They just need to trust their instincts.

Financial Adviser, Market Analyst, Investor are the best WFH jobs for Scorpio women today.


zodiac sign

Details- Sagittarius (November 23rd to December 21st) is ruled by Jupiter. The Sagittarius woman is a natural optimist and leader, which is exactly what the world needs right now. The world needs to heal, and Sagittarius women can play a part in it.

Astro-Strategic Advice- They need to keep looking for silver linings in this situation, as they’re known to do (but they got to be empathetic towards the suffering of others, and they need to keep supporting those who need their kind, listening ear), and they need to also remember that, eventually, this too shall pass.

As far as work is concerned, they can perfectly fit the business of Digital Sales and Marketing.
They can serve as Creative Freelancers / Digital Nomads as well.

They can also do investments, but here, they need to be mindful. While investing, they have to try to put away a sizeable part of their earnings before their spending instinct takes over.

All in all, it would be productive, if they opt for video meetings over phone calls while at work.


Details- Capricorn (December 22-January 19) is ruled by Saturn. Capricorn women are marked by intelligence and ambition. They are rather pragmatic when it comes to money. They stay within their limits and are disciplined about reaching their financial goals.

Astro-Strategic Advice- Capricorn women can do a range of jobs from home and the best part is, they are amazing at setting long-term goals.

Stock Market Investor, Online Business Analyst, Financial Planner, Copywriter, Intelligence Analyst, Youtuber, Instagramer etc…are some of the jobs / businesses they can take on. With their vision, discipline and patience, they can indeed reach unimaginable heights in their businesses.


Details- The ruling planet(ancient) is Saturn and the ruling body (modern) is Uranus.

Creative and intelligent Aquarius women(Jan 20- Feb 18) are usually more worried about humanitarian causes than their own finances.

Astro-Strategic Advice- Aquarius women can try doing social work and computer programming from home only. They can actually be pretty good at it. They can also be good at online teaching, and thus conduct virtual classes for students.

While striving for the greater good is very important, sacrificing their own interest can cost them dearly. They can also be quite indecisive, which keeps them from making firm decisions about saving and investing.

Bottomline is, they got to use their intellect to their advantage to get ahead professionally. Financial security can help them advance their causes.


Details –The ruling planet(ancient) is Jupiter and the ruling body (modern) is Neptune.

Hence, Pisces women (Feb 19 – March 20) can adapt well to “working at home” jobs.

Astro-Strategic Advice- They can try their hand at Production Editing, Motion Graphics Designing and As 3D Artist. They will also do well as a Behavioral Psychiatrist,Clinical Counselor & Mental Health Technician.

We need more counselors, coaches and psychiatrists, in today’s trying and testing times.

Pisces women can also be rather unworldly and idealistic about money, which can result in them being misled and taken advantage of. Their escapist nature also does not help.
So, basically Pisces women need to be more grounded and practical about money.

Just remember,
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