It is well-known that Facebook is one of the best social media platforms available in the digital marketing world. From the past few years, a wide range of ad campaigns are being done by using the feasibility of digital campaigns on FB, according to popular business strategist Hirav Shah.

In order to create awareness about your brand, one has to fix the best Facebook advertising plan.

Hirav Shah shortlisted 7 types of Facebook ad campaigns which one should focus on to create the best awareness regarding their brand among FB users.

Reach Campaigns

In order to have a wider reach for your ads, the advertisers usually tilt towards Reach Campaigns.

This campaign type is being used strategically to reach a maximum number of audience/public where Facebook makes sure that the particular ad will be seen by Facebook users in the selected location.

Traffic Campaigns

Traffic Campaigns are useful to redirect a particular ad published by an advertiser to resume to the website link provided or Facebook Messenger or app in the Google play store.

In one word, to get more traffic to your website from unaware viewers, Traffic Campaigns is very useful.

Post Engagement Campaigns

With the help of the Post Engagement Campaign, your post will get a chance to gain more likes, comments. It helps with a wide range of discussion regarding your brand/product.

If someone likes your ad they can even share it on their timeline which Ultimately connects to more number of people.

Page Likes Campaigns

Page likes campaigns will make sure that your ad page gets more number of likes. If you have a separate page for your brand and in order to grow the page likes instantly.

Page likes Campaigns are more useful for new firms or business organisations which are desperately looking for Facebook page likes to showcase it as an advertising source for customers.

Video Views Campaigns

Video Views Campaigns are generally used to filter people who might be interested in what type of content you are uploading without leaving their Facebook page.

As Facebook tracks every video played on its platform, it is an easy and quick way to segregate the customers who are interested in a particular product depending on the video viewership, says Hirav Shah.

Brand Awareness Campaigns

Brand Awareness Campaigns are useful as the given regular alerts regarding the product or brand of the advertiser.

All the advertisers should use this paid campaign technique for creating continued awareness regarding their brand. In order to get cold and unaware traffic, Brand Awareness Campaigns comes as a nice option for the ad advertisers, according to Hirav Shah.

Lead Generation Campaigns

Lead Generation Campaigns are useful to improve your business standards without even building a proper web page.

This campaign allows the ad advertisers to collect a piece of great information from a prospect without leaving the Facebook platform.

In order to collect leads by checking the person’s user experience on Facebook itself and avoid the process of visiting the website, Lead Generation Campaigns are very useful to the ad advertisers, says Hirav Shah.