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What is Business Astrology ?

A combination of business principles with that of Astrology and the science of movement of planets, especially Mercury, Moon and Jupiter guides us on how to strategize each step in business. This is a powerful tool providing a massive certainty of success.


Benefits of Business Astrology, Business AstroAnalysis and Business AstroStrategy

It helps to give you certainty in Business
It helps you find out Forecast of ROI, Profit, Sales etc
It provides you more opportunities
It guides you to strategize and execute Marketing and Sales strategies
It gives you FREEDOM to think ahead of your competitors
It enables you to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your business…
It helps you to STOP worrying about how to make your business succeed and achieve set goals

Success and the lack of it!

What does it take to succeed?

The answer is massive, relentless action.
If anybody can take continuous action, adjust their approach when something does not work and keep trying, then those individuals succeed.

But did you know? Most businesses do not succeed.
50% of all businesses fail in the 1st year itself. In five years, 80% no longer exist. Over a 10-year period, 96% of businesses fail. This means that only 4% make it. And even that doesn’t mean they’re profitable. It just means they’re still standing.

सफलता की कहानियां होती है!
असफलताकी कहानियाँ नहीं होती है!



Things can change.

There is a big chance you have seen this at a sporting event. One team appears to dominate the game. Suddenly there’s a moment when the certainty in the other team shifts. Where, all of a sudden, their hunger gets ignited, or somebody makes a play, or somebody dives, or somebody does something courageous, and inspires people. There’s an energy that shifts. And boom, the game changes!
Who was leading now becomes the follower, and the follower now becomes the leader.
What human beings can do, is pretty much extraordinary. What they usually end up doing is disappointing. It’s not because they’re not capable, it’s because fear gets in the way. They’re afraid of failure. They’re afraid it’s not going to work. They let that take over the momentum, and they get stuck. How do you get out of that quickly?
There’s a formula that Hirav Shah has used since years, for himself and for some of the greatest businessmen in the world that he has worked with.
The secret formula to create momentum is the sense of certainty of success.
When people tell Hirav Shah that they tried but it did not work, he thinks it’s a big excuse. Since he is in the knowledge business, he keeps people informed. Astrology is the only tool that can provide you the certainty of results of your actions in advance. And that is how you gain the confidence of execution. You undertake massive actions with the certainty of success.
Because in the end, skills are invaluable, but knowledge is not power, execution is the ultimate power.
That certainty of execution is exactly what Hirav shows as the way to attain momentum. When you have little certainty, or uncertainty, and you tap a little potential, you take little action, you get underwhelming results. But when you have more certainty, you tend to tap more potential and take appropriate actions. Thus, you get the results of your dreams!


It’s about more than just Money.

When you succeed, when you get the desired result, or you imagine it vividly like you just did, it makes your body more certain. If it was more certain, your mind would respond a step further. You would be able to tap more of its potential, take more action and get a better result. Hirav Shah challenges that if you did it again you’d go even further. Thus by getting the results in advance and by enough repetition till you feel certain, you will execute wonders!!
But is the goal of all this – Money?!
The shared denominator of all the most successful people in the world is Hunger. Hirav Shah says that he loves wickedly intelligent people. He thinks intelligence is an incredible gift, but there are a lot of people that are unbelievably smart and yet, they can’t fight their way out of a paper bag in real life and in real business.”
When you look at somebody like Warren Buffet. Even in his late 80s, he’s still giving it his all, every single day and loving what he’s doing. He doesn’t have to do it. And that’s the hunger Hirav Shah is talking about.
Even today a billionaire like Bill Gates, goes to a McDonalds to observe and interact with employees who work the minimum wage 14 – 15 hrs a day, just so he can understand their perspectives and implement the ones that take his business further.

Some businessmen like Sir Richard Branson are just extraordinary. He is as passionate as he was at 16 years of age starting Virgin Records in that crypt. He always has the hunger to give it a go, to make it better and to find ways to improve it. That has allowed him to do what most people cannot.


The 3 steps to Success in Life!

1. The first thing is just getting clear and obsessed.
The hunger to achieve your goals, to deliver the passion and make a difference to the society should be palpable. That is the first step to making a mark in this world.
When a businessman has the hunger, the drive that never goes away, the passion to make a difference, then he is able to achieve what other simpletons cannot. If he is looking for answers and willing to do things over and over again instead of dabbling, he becomes the Master!
“अपने लक्ष्य को ऊँचा रखो और तब तक मत रुको
जब तक आप इसे हासिल नहीं कर लेते है।”

2. The second step is massive action.
You don’t need to worry about whether you are going to know what to do. Even if you feel like you don’t know what to do, start where you are and try anything. If what you try doesn’t work, what do you do? You try something else. If that doesn’t work, you try something else. You might think about how many times you should keep trying changes until you get what you want? Well, how long do you give your average child to learn how to walk? Before you tell them hey, you’re just not a walker, give it up!
Your answer to this would be “My kid is going to keep trying till they walk”. That is the reason why almost everybody can walk today.
Undertake that mindset and do not let it go. If you’re going to stoke the hunger, think about it, dream about it, focus on it and take massive action, along with changes to suit the goal, you’re going to succeed. Thus massive action will lead to effective execution.
Just like you can’t keep running east if you’re looking for a sunset. You can’t keep taking actions just for the sake of it. It’s not going to work.
3. Here is where the third step comes in

To achieve something huge, something great with some grace, you need a powerful tool to combine your hunger and massive action.
Some people call it luck. Some people call it God’s Grace.
“The more you acknowledge what you’re doing and the grace in your life, the more grace tends to come to you.”
Ofcourse luck tends to favour those who are talented and diligent. Luck is the tool that cannot be seen, till you don’t have any! Once it is absent, nothing you try works for you and you keep looking for answers. So, it is of utmost importance to align your course of action and your strategies with luck, to get the momentum you require. Astrology will guide you on God’s grace. It will tell you when luck and the planetary movements are in your favour.


Who can use business astrology

Real Estate Developers and Builders
Education Institute, Universities, Educators
Restaurants owners
Motel owners
Tourism and Hospitality Industry
Automobile and Cycle Industry
E-Commerce Industry
Entertainment Films
Pharmaceutical Industry
Chemical Industry
Jewelry and Bullion Industry
Fashion and Clothing Industry
Service Industry
Consulting Companies
Telecom Industry

Well, any businessmen can use or apply this strategy in their life. Hirav Shah is working massively for the focus of these steps with:

Any kind of business

1. Regional
2. National
3. International

● Organisations that need to start over or have the craving to reach the peak,
● One who intends to use available assets to full limit,
● Professionals who want to conquer complex situations or who want to reach noteworthy milestones,
● A Brand with the passion to keep going a step beyond,




Why should you consult a business Astrologer

A business plan can work for a few and cannot work for others. But those for whom it worked, should ask themselves whether or not did the plan make their business reach its full potential.
If not, then a Business Astrologer can make it reach beyond its current status and to the height it was meant to achieve.

In the past, Astro consultants were referred for a business to resolve critical or existing situations.
But now the term AstroStrategist is being used during a corporate framework as a performance coach.


What are the Roles of a business Astrologer

– Performance coach
– Brand management coach
– In development component
– Process improviser
– In organizational change
– Business analyst
– Research discipline
– Strategic planner
– Policy developer

Thanks for taking the time. I’m really looking forward to get to know you and your businesses. Hopefully I’ll get to meet you personally, hear your story, but till then, live strong, live with passion.

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