Aries Zodiac Sign

In Astrology, the first Rashi is Mesha (Aries). The natives born on and between March 21 to April 19 belong to Aries Sun Sign.

About Aries : (March 21 – April 19)

In Astrology, the first Rashi is Mesha (Aries). The natives born on and between March 21 to April 19 belong to Aries Sun Sign.

“The complexion of Aries is blood-red. It has a prominent (big) body. It is a quadruped sign and strong during the night. It denotes courage. It resides in the East, and is related to kings. It wanders in the hills and it’s predominant guna is Rajasic. It rises with it’s back and is fiery. It’s ruler is Mangal”.

Significance of Aries Zodiac Sign in Horoscope :

Aries Dates March 21 – April 19
Ruling Planet Mars
House  First
Symbol The Ram
Colour Red
Quality Cardinal 
Lucky Day Tuesday
Tarot Card The Emperor
Element Fire
Lucky Numbers 1, 3, 5, 6
Lucky Metals Iron, Steel
Lucky Stone Ruby

Aries is ruled by Mars which represents strength, and is a male and movable sign.

Aries represents the head of the kalapurusha. Aries has a great ability to mobilise energy, to apply strength with agility and mobility.

The symbol of Aries is a ram. A Ram is a fiery, strong, mobile, headstrong animal that captures the spirit of Mesha.

The Personality of an Aries

A person who has Aries prominent in their chart, will therefore tend to have a reddish complexion, function well at night, is strong and courageous, has a large body but yet is mobile and likes to wander around. Such a person likes to explore and start new things.

Aries Personality Traits: Positive Vs Negative

Aries personalities are the best ones to be with. Aries people are fearless and strong when it comes to facing challenges. However, like every other people, Aries also have few of the negative traits in their personality

Positive Personality traits

Aries are very Ambitious
Honesty stands first for Aries
Being Self-assertive makes them stand tall always
Aries natives are Brave and unafraid of anything
Heart winning creative skills
Aries are known for good organizers
Optimistic about everything

Negative personality traits

Aries behave Reckless very often
Aries are very Impatient
Intolerant about many things
They are very Short tempered
Very Selfish Behaviour
Attention seekers
Being Too competitive brings them harm

Aries Strengths and Weaknesses

Aries zodiacs are full of strengths. One of the best strengths of Aries is that they have a very optimistic attitude. However, like every zodiac sign, Aries have their weaknesses too. The biggest weakness of Aries zodiac is that they are very aggressive in nature.

Strengths of Aries

Aries are independent thinkers and this is their biggest strength
Courageous nature is their biggest weapon
Aries are very determined
Honest, Aries makes friends easily
Aries people moves on very quickly progress

Weaknesses of Aries

Aries are very impatient
Very moody
Takes wrong decisions by being very impulsive
Aries gets very aggressive
Aries reacts too quickly

Qualities of Aries

Love challenges and always push themselves out of their comfort zone
Yearn for taking charge and be the leader
Aries have very unpredictable and spontaneous
Very rebellious in nature
Filter less and transparent
Aries people are known to be loyal
Aries has a very social personality

Career options for Aires based on Astrology

Aries natives are confident, brave and are considered to have best leadership qualities. Their imaginative skills also become the big contributor to their career and profession. Here are some of the best career choices for Aires people:

Business management courses like BBA and MBA
Hotel management
Businesses related to metallurgy
Financial controller
Financial analyst
Human resource management
Career in Defence

How good Aries manage their finances

Aries likes their finances planned but following those plans and saving will always be a questionable thing for this zodiac. Aries are in born with ability to convert their efforts into money. Sufficing amount of money will always find a way to them in all the phases of their life. The only thing which will affect finances of Aries is that they will not be able to control their undying willingness to spend.

Aries Love & Relationships

Although Aries likes to interact a lot with new people, they are very specific about with whom they want to share what kind of relationship. Aries natives like to set boundaries for each of the relationships they share with someone. Whenever it comes to relationships, Aries likes to be transparent and upfront about how they feel. Aries do not believe in shallow relationships, may it be friendship or romantic relationships. People with this zodiac are usually the ice breakers in and initiators of the relationships.

Aries Personality Traits and Relationship with Parents

When it comes to any relationship, whether it is with family, friends, or lover, Aries people will be very forthright and outspoken about what they expect from the relationship or the other person. Aries is usually seen as a tough person to crack but they are really soft hearted and easy to mingle with. One of the most vital personality traits for Aries is honesty. Hence, truthfulness and faithfulness in any relationship is like devotion for them. Aries male are also very sensitive when it comes to relationships. Aries expects another person to take a stand for them and make efforts for the relationship; may it be their sibling or their companion. Aries shares a very good relationship with elderly people.

Aries Personality Traits and Relationship with Grandparents

Most Aries are close to their grandparents or someone who is old. Their sympathetic nature binds them emotionally with elderly people. Romantic relationships get difficult with time for Aries due to their dominating nature.

Aries Personality Traits and Relationship with Spouse

Sibling relationship sets well with Aries as they can relate more to people who know them head to toe.

Aries Personality Traits and Relationship with Siblings

Parental relationship for Aries becomes a bit struggling due to difference in opinions and Aries are not someone who would lay low easily but they are rather someone who will stick to their point of view firmly. Aries natives do not shy away when they make mistakes in any relationships. They confront it and this makes it easier to love them.

Aries parents and child compatibility

Aries natives goes slow with the development of their kids. Over all, for an Aries parent, their child’s growing assertiveness may be both a blessing and a curse. The Aries parents are constantly on the lookout for their children, since they are zealous, dynamic, and ageless. The disadvantage of Aries sign parents is that their hectic schedules might make children feel as though they are not their parents’ first concern.

Aries compatibility with family members

Aries natives would always love choose to be independent and take individualistic approaches. Although they love their family a lot, they like to take sole decisions. Aries natives are very courageous, and posses’ strength to take a stand for their own and hence, they are seen in a high esteem by their family members.

Aries Friendship Compatibility

Aries also faces issues in their friendship when they are not included even in smallest of the matters. They choose to stay individualistic in the matters of their relationship. Aries natives like people who invest efforts in their relationship. Scorpio, Gemini, and Taurus are most compatible zodiac with Aires’s natives in terms of friendship. Pisces and Aquarius are not very much compatible with Aires in terms of nature.

Aries Love, Marriage and Sex Relationship

In terms of sexual relationship, Aries are little bit more focus on their own pleasure and satisfaction but they always prefer to have a very strong emotional connection before getting intimate. Intimacy plays vital role in their life but they find it difficult to convey this to their partner. Their love relationship needs to be pushed by someone’s opinion every once in a while.

In terms of love and marital relationship, Aries tend to hurt their partner a little bit more in order to make their partner value the relationship. Aries always look forward to long term relationships and hence, there are high chances to their love ending up into marriage. Stubborn nature of Aries natives make it difficult for their partner to accept them easily in every stage of their relationship.

Famous Aries

Name  Birthdate Profession
Lady Gaga March 28, 1986 Performer
Emma Watson April 15, 1990 Actress
Kourtney Kardashian April 18, 1979 Entertainer
Kangana Ranaut March 23,  Actress
Emraan Hashmi March 24,  Actor
Ram Charan Teja March 27, 1985 Actor
Ajay Devgn April 2,  Actor, Producer
Kapil Sharma April 2,  Performer
Prabhu Deva April 3,  Actor 
Jeetendra April 7 Actor
Jaya Bachchan April 9 Actress
Lara Dutta April 16 Actress