To speak practically, finding motivation and energy resources for a productive outing on a daily basis is impossible. It may be possible for some people, but it’s like a task with unlimited hurdles for the majority, says Hirav Shah.

There will be too many distractions in my daily routine, such as a new Television show, yesterday’s unfinished to-do list, and the comfortability of laying in bed all day.

But the fact is that all of these haunt you each day and bring stress and worry for months and disturb your healthy lifestyle. The kind of emotional and mental distress you have every day modulates with a breaking point within.

Why would you not make changes and try to become better in the given case? What is the necessity of you wanting to be better?

Well-known Business Transformation Expert cum Astro Strategist™ Hirav Shah says, “Every day is a bonus for human life. In simple lines, the minute you open your eyes every day is the opportunity to improve yourself and your quality of life. Taking up small, easy tasks that will eventually become habits in your daily routine can wisely increase your productivity and reduce stress levels at the workplace.

How to make your bed every day?

Usually, you wake up and throw yourself out of bed, which is left unmade. It might be you going to class or work, coming home, walking into your room, and seeing the bed just the way you left it in the morning gives you a better idea of how to make it every morning. The precious time in your daily life will be wasted in this way. You think to yourself that laying down for 5 minutes wouldn’t hurt, and the next thing you know, it will be 2 hours going by, and you have either fallen asleep, and the valuable time will be wasted.

Just leaving your bed unmade is almost like an invitation to get back in. It not only makes you feel lazy, but also looks messy and unrecognized. So instead, from now on, soon after you get out of bed, take time and make it properly. Because of this good work, you will thank yourself later with a smile on your face. Adding to it, your room will appear cleaner, you will feel more put together, and you will be less likely to lay back down when you could be working on your to-do list.

How to start a Gratitude Journal?

With each passing day, everything can blend together, and life may present too many challenges and tasks for you to keep up with the context. Feeling overwhelmed, you cry or becoming angry are part of your life cycle.

Each and every day is another lousy one where you have to pay some type of bill or go run around an errand you would rather push off. This is the usual life you live. You are jealous just because you aren’t a millionaire, don’t have your dream job, or aren’t where you thought you would be at this age.

In that way, life sucks everyone at a point in time, but we often take everything for granted and forget to appreciate or be happy with what we do have. Think about what is with you instead of reminiscing on what you did not have. You get to live another full day; you have people who love you all around and a roof over your head. In order to remind yourself of the beauty of life hidden behind all the bad things that happened, better start a gratitude journal.

It can be a notebook, a piece of paper, a pen, or a napkin from your take-out last night. Start writing down three to four things you are grateful for in the day. Then, read these back to yourself when things get difficult when you are in a bad phase and keep self-motivating that life is not all about bad things.

Make it a habit of exercising for 30 minutes a day.

This might be a peculiar question for some people to know. Usually, what you will be thinking after reading this header. It’s an impossible task for you, and you don’t have time to even think about it. Some people who work 40 hours a week have the same feeling. Instead, people who work full-time and have kids make it a habit and a priority to exercise in some way. It doesn’t have to be a big commitment; it could be as easy as walking laps around the block, or doing sit-ups during free time, or else while watching your favorite show in the living room.

A few studies say that physical activity releases endorphins, which release stress and pain in the human body. If you had a long day at work, make it a habit of going on a walk. If it’s a bad day, go cry and scream while walking around the neighborhood. There are many benefits to keeping your body active. A tremendous 30 minutes out of a 24-hour day is not impossible and even helps to regain the lost energy in you. By practicing exercise, your body, and mind will be grateful you took the time to do something active with your day.

Whether you are in shape or have never worked out a day in your life, you can do some form of exercise by keeping your mindset in control. Instead of thinking of it as a chore, make it a hobby or an outlet. Channelize the negativity and turn it into a positive vibe or benefit it something to be proud of. If you are going to be sad and stressed, why not feel those emotions while doing something good for the soul?

Final thoughts

Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “After all, all of these habits can be incorporated into your life starting right now. These steps are simple and do not even take a long time to complete, and you should continue them with no excuses as molding yourself better does not stop here but take you to great places.”

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