As the year of fear, 2020 is all set to end in the next couple of days, our business strategist and Astrologer Hirav Shah brings to your notice several good things happening in the landmark year amidst a pandemic situation. 

Below is the list of good things that happened in 2020.

Adults and Children got time to know about Microgreen farming:

As the lockdown was imposed across the country for almost 100 days, it helped the busy working men and women to work on the Microgreen farming techniques. Not only that they got educated and even made their children participate in the farming process. 

Due to lockdown, Mother Nature got significantly repaired:

As per the reports from Hirav Shah’s research, Global emissions are reduced by seventeen percent which indeed helped for the natural biodiversity across the world. 

In some places like Chandigarh and Noida in India, animals like deer, Sambar are seen coming on the empty streets.

Nature has witnessed the clear and pure water filled lakhs and clean sea shore’s which is a daydream during normal days. 

Locals saving lives in The Air India Crash during Covid-19 testing times:

As an unfortunate incident, an Air India Express flight carrying 190 passengers from Dubai was Crashed while landing at Kerala’s Kozhikode Airport and fell into a deep valley.

Amidst Covid-19 scare, the locals went ahead to rescue the passengers and even donated blood to save some lives. 

The news had hit the headlines across India and has a special place in the 2020 calendar year.

Citizen raises money for a fruit vendor in North Delhi:

During peak lockdown time, a fruit vendor named Phool Mia lost his ₹30, 000 worth mangoes by a mob. Soon after the incident came into the limelight, Phool Mia got financial support from the citizens as a whopping over ₹8 lakhs came into his account from various sources. 

This news had showcased that humanity is still in existence and will come out when required. 

Mumbai Citizens helped a vegetable vendor:

After almost four months of complete lockdown, a vegetable vendor named Ashok Singh restarted his business at Bhendi Bazaar in Mumbai but due to heavy rains, he was forced to shut down his shop.

By witnessing Ashok’s pathetic condition through media coverage, Mumbai citizens contributed ₹2 lakhs in his account from the Mumbai people.

This news is also one of the things that happened in 2020. 

Teachers in Kerala teaching classes for kids under a bridge:

Six children of migrant workers from Karnataka have been living under a Bridge in Kochi.

After noticing them, a group of teachers took classes to the children and the story has inspired many people. 

Most Covid-resilient country:

Jacinda Arden, prime minister of New Zealand efforts for fruitful results as the country is the first one to eradicate the deadly virus to become the world’s most Covid-resilient country.

This amazing feat happened under the leadership of a woman which is a shining moment for women leaders across the world. 

Though there are many more good and inspirational things happening across the world and not came into the limelight, business and Astro strategist Hirav Shah opinions that the above incidents are enough proof to showcase that even after the pandemic has hit so hard there is some to feel happy about the year 2020.