Astrology for Food and Restaurant Business

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“Even in a business most sensitive to consumer demand – Your Chain or Store can take the centre stage!”


1. Food service Sector

This includes People working in
Animal husbandry
and/or seafood industry
Food research and development
Finance and Banking for food industry
Agriculture education
Land management
Food transport – Containers & Shipment

2. Food Producers Sector

This includes People who are owners and producers of
Rural and Urban Agriculture
Raising Livestock
Manufacturing machinery & farming equipment
Manufacturing Agrichemicals
Manufacturing Natural fertilizers

3. Food Processors Sector

One off Production like a wedding cake
Batch production like at local bakeries
Mass Production which includes –
Canned food
Ready to eat meals
Sauces etc

4. Restaurant Sector

This is technically known as Just in production Includes –
Locally owned/single restaurants
Small to medium scale chains
Large scale chains
Quick service restaurants
Fine dine
Pubs, bars, clubs and lounges

5. Food Marketing Sector

Food channels – on Print, Web or Digital platforms
Promotions of food products
Advertising & Marketing campaigns
Food Retail service
Food Packaging


“With consumers spread all over the world and enhanced reach due to globalisation, THE SKY’S THE LIMIT!”

The manufacturing, processing and packaging of food is an essential commodity. Government firms and regulatory bodies also ensure safety and food standards. Plenty of firms in the food industry have integrated vertically across sectors. It is one of the biggest contributors to the economy, provides large scale employment and is a major constituent of import & export business. Thus, the scope of this industry is wide and varied.

Market Size of Food Industry

The global food and agricultural industry for 2018 totalled about $8.7 trillion, according to Plunkett Research estimates. In other words, it contributes to about 10% of the world’s GDP. Global food exports totaled $1.47 trillion in 2017, according to the World Trade Organization. The total revenue in the Food market in the US alone amounts to US$702,061m in 2020, according to Food Worldwide.

1. Adapting to changing consumer demands and rapid innovations
2. Dynamic response to global economic scenario
3. The Plastic Ban and Environmentally conscious approach
4. The increase in Vegetarian and Vegan trends
5. Incorporating technology and becoming a part of latest e-commerce platforms
6. Being aware of the competition and surpass them
7. Proper structuring of offers and programmes
8. Developing an effective consumer friendly approach
9. Strategizing marketing and advertising according to potential and current market
10. Expanding to larger markets and different geographic locations
11. Inventory management and its complications
12. How to best leverage company data to produce results



1. Procuring enough Capital to start
2. Finding the perfect location
3. Designing the Perfect Menu
4. Emphasizing on your unique selling point (USP)
5. Keep pace with current market trends
6. Understanding the consumer demand
7. Finding the Right Suppliers
8. Hiring, training and Retaining Employees
9. Managing the inventory
10. Maintaining Food Safety Standards
11. Customer service
12. Marketing in the right way and to the right target
13. Managing accounts and analyzing statistics

“You can make excuses or You can make a DIFFERENCE – Rise to the challenges”

“Give me 6 months of your life and feel the difference”
Hirav Shah

The Clarity Equals Bigger Future.

If out of all the business sectors, you chose the food industry then you are no stranger to the emotional quotient that comes along with it. You are knowingly or unknowingly contributing largely to humanity by being a part of this essential field. As big as the industry is, the challenges are equally numerous and intense. But like all difficulties, the solutions lie within your potential and resources, if only you are willing to foresee the direction of action.

The Greater the Challenge,
The More Glory in overcoming it.

There is no stopping you if you are passionate enough. Having a problem is not a problem, but lack of the right attitude is. Remember, your inspiration and your motivation matters. With constant determination and guided perseverance, you can expand your business and reach the goals you dreamed of. You were meant to be Successful and a tough road will only increase the satisfaction of getting there!

“If we could first know where we are and
where we are going, we could better judge
What to do and how to do it!”



Hirav Shah is an Astro Strategist™, Business and Corporate Astrologer. He is one of the leading influencers in the circle of Hollywood, Bollywood, Sports and Celebrities.

At present, Hirav Shah is working with World’s leading hospitality owners, Standalone and Chain Restaurants owners, Global Grocery supermarkets, Catering companies, Food shipment and transport owners and Celebrity Chefs in USA, Europe, England, UAE and India. He is a constant source of guidance for their existing and new projects to make strategies (set-up, marketing, sales & expansion) and increase certainty of success.

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