The real estate market in India is one of the pallbearers of the economy, it is the second-highest employment generator in the country after agriculture. The sector is deeply interlinked to as many as 220 allied sectors. The sector accounts for nearly 6-7 percent of the economy and is set to account for nearly 13 per cent by 2025 if all reform measures announced are executed well. The sector has been one of the biggest wealth creators in the past few decades.

So, its evident that real estate is a mighty industry here,for revenue creation and employment generation. Also, many positive direct and indirect effects result due to real estate, Says Hirav Shah, The Country’s Most Trusted Real Estate Astrologer cum Real Estate Investment Adviser.

Real Estate Problems

Yet many real estate problems and issues are also very much existing like unstable income, manpower issue, stagnant growth and unsold real estate inventory.A big problem in the real estate sector, is a large amount of unsold inventory which makes it difficult for real estate developers to roll over the funds to start new projects.

Real Estate Sales has evolved a lot but people in it are yet to realise that.

Strategies should change, so as their approach, Quotes Hirav Shah, Real Estate and Property Astrologer Cum Strategist.

Now, Hirav Shah with his extensive market knowledge and resourceful insights, outlines reasons for knowing the estimated income for unsold inventories.

1.Having the knowledge of estimated annual or half-yearly income in advance, paves the way for a super confident approach towards strategizing.

2.With the final outcome in mind, real estate businesses can utilize the full potential of resources, gauge the obstacles, find solutions, seek counsel, budget well, divide resources for marketing and advertising in the best possible manner. This not only enhances the possibilities of succeeding, but speeds it up.

3. If you get to know your estimated tentative income, you can analyze your approach towards your goals and make sure you attain them with flying colours.

4. ‘What goes up, must come down’ is a basic law of physics. Now the question is whether this applies to our current real estate market. It’s a question a lot of people are asking, as home prices, particularly those of single-family homes, are soaring, despite the uncertainties of the overall economy.

Hence, realtors and real estate entrepreneurs are worried also since they have to sell out their unsold inventories but at the same time not bear a loss.

5. The economic scenario is showing an upward trend but is not robust yet.

If you get to know the estimated income for unsold inventories in advance, you can really use your analytical skills and channelise all your energies into real estate prosperity and growth. Also you will have clarity of outcomes such as expenses, profits and exponential growth-Says Hirav Shah, Celebrated Real Estate Astrologer, Adviser and Strategist.

Even if there are short term disruptions this year, by knowing the estimated income the real estate businessmen, investors, developers and realtors, will certainly experience positive long term consequences,” Says Shah.

Final Words

But what is the way to know the estimated income?

HOW ? Is the million dollar question…

With Financial Astrology Prediction,
Astro Strategic opinion and calculation of estimated income, by non other than Famed Real Estate Business Astrologer, Strategist and Property Investment Adviser, Hirav Shah. Implementing a real estate business strategy or real estate astrology can predict market outcomes and can help you reap the benefits of certainty in your business strategy.

Hirav Shah’s detailed property astrology analysis of your performance in real estate and his extraordinary resourceful insights, can give you the insights and the clarity, in
ensuring the certainty of project sales and knowing the estimated income for unsold inventories.