The importance of self transformation for current and aspiring leaders can’t be overstated. It’s the secret to separating yourself from the pack, the bridge that carries you toward the goals you have yet to reach. And the only way to continually forge a path people will follow you down.

On that note, Business Astrologer™ and Business Strategist of International Repute, Hirav Shah enlists “The Must Self-Transformation Tips For 2022“.

1.Morning Routine

This one is the most important of all. Start a morning routine of your own.

Wake up early. Get out of bed early.

Surya namaskar. As part of your morning routine, you may do 15 reps of surya namaskar.

Meditation. Practice 10 mins of silence/meditation/Chanting OM.

2. Exercise

Work out 5 days a week. Mostly weights. You could alternatively take up running, swimming, walking, whatever suits you. Gym may suit some better. Just move your body. That’s significant. Cycling is also wonderful.

3. Oral care

Brush your teeth twice daily. Floss your teeth daily. You will be surprised how much food gets stuck on a daily basis. Don’t let it rot there. So, good oral care is a must, got it !!

4. Consume enough water

Drink one big glass of water as soon as you wake up. And ensure you drink at least 2.5 to 3 liters of water during the rest of the day. Of course frequent trips to the restroom becomes common but can’t help it.

You may also start your day with a glass of warm water with a bit of lemon or apple cider vinegar. It improves your metabolism and takes care of your gut.

5. Eat healthy

Be watchful and mindful of what you put in your mouth daily. In short, avoid fried stuff, street snacks, junk food etc. Instead of deep fried food , go for grilled or baked.

Include a lot of greens, veggies and fruits in your diet. Learn to make a green smoothie and consume it. It will work wonders for the body.

This is a lifestyle change not a short term diet. Train your body and mind to crave healthy food. You don’t have to eat less, you have to EAT RIGHT.

“Choose a diet that helps your health goals and leaves you feeling good”- Advices Hirav Shah, India’s Veteran Astro-Strategist and Business Advisor.

6. Cut out alcohol

We know, when people read this, they will say “Come on, no alcohol? How do I party??” If you want to drink socially, go for triple distilled vodka. Maybe one or two pegs. Have a diet cola if you really want. But, the best thing any day is to avoid it.

Stay high on life, Stay high on work and Stay high on family, this 2022. Never high on alcohol or drugs, Advises Hirav Shah.

7. Cut out the sugar

Sugar is a slow poison. It has no nutritional value. Yes, read that again. It has no nutritional value at all. Its an addiction. Cut out the sugar, this 2022 !!

8. Kick the butt

Quit Smoking. Smokers, just be “free” from it. Kick that damn thing. Kick the butt. Smoking causes a he’ll loads of problems- The whole world knows it!

9. Make the most of your drive time

Listen to podcasts of your interests, TED talks, etc. In the long run you will end up gathering a lot of knowledge as well. Listen to your favourite mentors. Make your drive time a learning time.

10.Set goals

It’s simple. Goals give you direction!! Have a to-do list or kind of goal list which contains short term and long term goals. It gives you a direction and sense of purpose no matter how slow you are progressing. Keep checking it off as and when you complete the items. You get a kick out of checking things of your goals and it motivates you to go for more. Don’t you agree?

Final Thoughts

Last, but not the least, “Practice gratitude”. Your entire mindset will change when you start doing this. This is one thing which will bring you a lot of peace of mind. You will generally be a happy person once you practice this.

Everything has a system, McDonald told the world. Read, read and read, think out of box ideas Elon Musk told to people. When we aspire to be  a right businessperson, we must follow word-perfect people and businesses.

As entrepreneurs, do you want to transform the way you feel today ? Do you want to feel good, like perfect about yourself ? Do you want to stay happy, healthy and become successful?

Then, you got to follow the above-mentioned Self-Transformation tips-Concludes Hirav Shah, The Country’s Most Influential Thought Leader, Business Advisor and Strategist.