Always work on yourself and your craft !

You will get noticed only if you know what is expected out of you. No one is specialized in everything. But you have to build your specialty in something / some aspect of your work.

Continuously try to grow yourself. It includes working on your technical skills, social skills, routine, or it can be anything.

Everyone says that “whatever you do, nobody cares in corporate”. Well, this is the wrong approach. Personally, no one might care, but you will see a great change professionally by working on yourself.

If you ever feel unmotivated to do so, then try to remember “Why you entered this career & why you needed this job”.

An extra effort to improve your own skills will bring that extra confidence in you & put you on a good front professionally.

Meanwhile, Hirav Shah, The Man Behind So Many Successful Companies, Brands, and Personalities shares

“How to climb up the corporate ladder in 2022, despite challenges, difficulties, and uncertainties” !!

How to climb up the corporate ladder

1. Deliver Results

Deliver the expectations & if in a position where your numbers are measured (sales), you have to consistently exceed your numbers. So, deliver, deliver & deliver.

2. Work Hard

Give every role you are in 110%. Leaders set the tone for their organization & in order to get considered for a promotion, you have to be committed, and go above and beyond in everything you do. “Work Hard”. “Go that extra mile”.  When running a business, you have to churn out consistent results. The moment you slack off, your opponent is ready to snatch that first place. Learn from the mastermind behind oracle- Larry Ellison.

3. Integrity

It is important to build a reputation for doing things the right way. People who take shortcuts and compromise their integrity in the process are not folks who want to lead others!

4. Willingness To Learn

Being coachable, being open to learning new things, and having an appetite for learning are critical.

Each new position will bring you out of your comfort zone and stretch your skill set to new levels. To get promoted to the next level, you have to master the level you are at, through learning. “Willingness to learn” is certainly a key !!

5. Find a Good Mentor

No matter what level you are at, find someone in your organization who can teach you new things, help you overcome challenges, and advise you. Good mentor will tell you the strength and usage of subconscious mind to enhance wellness in day to day life.

It’s a huge bonus if your mentor is likewise someone who is on the fast track!

6. Be a Role Model

Being viewed amongst your peer group as someone who others look up to, have a high degree of respect for is critical to earning a ‘battlefield promotion.’

7. Be Maniacal About Recruiting

Once you get to a leadership role, surround yourself with the best talent you can. Many people feel threatened by this approach, but it’s served many managers well, as per the latest study- if you have someone on your team who can take your job tomorrow, it makes you way more promotable. Yes !!

8. Be Flexible

You may not get the exact job you want in a promotion & you may be asked to relocate, move into a new organization, and potentially change companies. The more flexible you’re willing to be, the quicker you’ll move up.

9. Build Your Brand & Be Active On Social Media

Building your brand, your network, and being super active on social media as a thought leader for your areas of expertise, and by being a brand ambassador for your company can go a LONG way—both internally and externally. Do this in 2022 !! Don’t hesitate, please.

10. Find-A-Way To Keep A Mentally Positive Attitude

No one wants to be around negativity or people who complain and have a negative attitude. Leaders must be positive, passionate, and motivating to others. Leaders must be desirous, encouraging, moving, and uplifting… Best of luck in making it happen!!!

Final Thoughts

Many corporate drones will see your ambition as a threat to their existence, so it is critical to keep your goals and plans to yourself. Also, only invest your time and energy on things that really matter to your personal and professional growth.

Just remember, the higher your position, the thinner the air, and the more treacherous and erratic your career path. Such is the price for your ambition.

Hey, but no worries…
The points shared by Hirav Shah are all bulletproof no matter what !!

Good Luck With Your Corporate Career In 2022-Wishes Hirav Shah, Popular Influencer, Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Brand Enhancement Expert and India’s Most Influential Business Transformation Expert.