Adopting the various range of changes happening in society, we should accept the fact that the world has just turned as a small village with the ongoing social media revolution, says reputed Astro and business strategist Hirav Shah.

As per Hirav Shah’s prediction, digital marketing and social media campaigns are going to have a wide range of reach compared to the old days as the seasonal and ages-old marketing techniques are not going to be in existence in the coming days.

What is social media marketing?

Social media has become the most important platform for the virtual interactions between the public, using it in a purposeful manner will yield unimaginable results.

Currently, we have various social media platforms like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, We Chat, WhatsApp, Hangouts and Google maps ruling the world market.

By utilising the above resources, we can easily penetrate into the digital world for promoting our product or idea as there are no limitations to showcase each individual skills and capabilities which will indeed have a wide reach in no time.

Most importantly, the investment for social media promotions is very affordable and very less compared to on-ground door to door marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an aggressive way of promoting each individual product/ idea on various online and web portals.

Digital marketing is a bit expensive compared to social media marketing as we can have separate agencies to promote our concept through multiple channels.

For promoting our content, digital marketing agencies charge a bulk amount and the reach of the product is directly proportional to the payment we give to the agencies.

Digital marketing also involves electronic devices like Google ads, collaboration with different like-minded people and hitting the target rightly.

Digital marketing term was introduced in the early 2000s which mainly focused on keywords, SEO services and power words which helps in the increase of the traffic to a particular web site which we use to promote our product.

What is the difference between Social media marketing and digital marketing?

As they say, there is no major difference between both the marketing platforms but compared to Social media marketing, digital marketing techniques will have slight change as it involves more technical standards.

In one word, Social media marketing and digital marketing go hand in hand as they are closely connected and cannot be seen as two different platforms in promoting the content.

But the reach for a product on digital marketing will have a wider reach than Social media as the digital content will be promoted with the addition of power keywords which indeed increases the viewership of the content.

According to Business Astrologer™ and business strategist Hirav Shah, 2021 adds to 5 and is ruled by Mercury which also represents communication. So in 2021 we may see a huge turnaround for digital marketing and social media marketing. The virtual social media and digital marketing promotional techniques are going to bring more revolutionary changes in the business sector than what is actually what we are witnessing now.

Digital marketing and social media, campaigning business is rapidly emerging as a one-stop source to promote various ideas across the world and there will be no looking back for this new age business in the near future Predicts, Business Astrologer™ and Business Strategist Hirav Shah