India is a cricket fanatic nation and we have done a great job by using Cricket to improve other sports too.

The most popular and richest league in the world IPL, has given birth to many other leagues for football, hockey, kabaddi, boxing etc.

This has given the talented faces from other sports the limelight they deserve.

Meanwhile, it has become all the more important, to also keep an updated track of our favourite sports, events, scores, highlights, opinions, results etc…

And how do we do that?

Yes, Through Sports Websites.

On that note, let’s take a look at the top Sports Websites of India which have made it to the Hirav Shah list. Hirav Shah as we all know is India’s Top Sports Advisor and is the Country’s Top Sports Business Strategist and Astro-Consultant.

The most visited website irrespective of the sports season is It brings the best of live sporting online, with wonderful ultra HD quality images in India.In this website, latest updates of popular sports like cricket, kabaddi, badminton, tennis, races, soccer, hockey and many more can be checked.

2. is also another popular sporting destination/website for sports lovers. TheTen Sports Network is India’s leading Television, Media & Entertainment Company, which is owned by Zee Entertainment Limited. It is a prime sports TV channel Network in India with 200+ million viewers. This Network broadcasts cricket matches as well as the exclusive broadcast of the Soccer Championships.


Cricbuzz is among the best cricketing websites in India. It covers cricket events at state, domestic and international levels. Apart from news, photographs, and live match updates, this cricket portal has editorials, videos, interviews, opinion polls and fantasy cricket games. In short, This site mainly features news, articles, live coverage of cricket matches, player rankings, team rankings, and cricket based online can even be streamed through a mobile app also. This website is developed and thus edited by Piyush Agarwal, who was a former employee of Infosys Company.


One of the best destinations for a sports-loving person to know more detailed information about their interesting sport is provides exclusive, original and first-hand updates, photos, and videos from major tournaments in India at all levels. It also informs about live scores of sports and the latest sports article posted by a sportsman or newspaper.

5. IndianAthletics.In

This is the official website for the Athletics Federation of India. The Athletics Federation of India is the apex body for running and managing athletics in India and affiliated to the World Athletics, AAA and Indian Olympic Association. The AFI has as many as 32 affiliated state units and institutional units. The AFI came into existence in 1946 and the federation organises the National Championships, trains the Indian Athletics National Campers, selects the Indian Athletics Teams for various international competitions, including the Olympics, Asian Games, CWG, World Championships, Asian Championships and other international meets, conducts the National Championships for various age categories.

Besides, the AFI conducts international and national championships and various meets to promote the sport and popularise it amongst the masses and make athletics commercially attractive for the further growth of the athlete and the sport. The federation also supervises and assists its state units in their activities, plans and sets up special coaching camps, coaches training and takes initiatives for development programmes and grass root promotion of athletics in India.

The website IndianAthletics.In gives information about latest and old championships and tournaments participated by the Indian athletes, photo gallery of such events, rankings and profiles of famous Indian athletes, and a calendar listing of the upcoming events.

6. is one of the Top 10 Sports sites in India. This website is owned by NDTV News Channel which is a leading pioneer in news television. This website has unbeatable coverage in sports such as live scores, latest updates, schedules, sports results and many more.


ESPN Cricinfo is one of the most watched Sports websites in India. It is also the world’s leading cricket website and it is one among the top five single-sports websites in the world. You can check live scores, match results, and even catch up on old match’s episodes. Even you can browse this site’s mobile platform.


This website is mainly for Olympic lovers. provides us with the history of the Indian Olympics and medals owned by Indian Athletes in Olympic. You can also get the latest news related to the Olympics on this website.

Sportskeeda, Popular Sports Website provides you with news of sports on 30 different kinds of sport. This channel has more than 6 million followers on Facebook. It mainly focuses on Indigenous sports in India.


The website features exclusive coverage of basketball news, events, tournaments, analytical features and player profiles. The content has been appreciated by experts in the sports industry and cross-referenced in leading international and national publications such as Bleacher Report, The Hindu Business Line and Sportskeeda, among others.

It is best known for breaking the story of the Indian men’s team’s historic win over China in the FIBA Asia Cup 2014. Ekalavyas functions through a team of dedicated freelancers, including basketball experts, writers, specialist sports photographers, videographers and statisticians.


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