Mumbai Indians did not live up to expectations. This IPL season seems to not embrace Mumbai Indians.

Is it so?

Or are there any gaps in performances and deliveries…

Hirav Shah, India’s Sports Astrologer cum Strategist cum Business Advisor, Analyses Here…

MI squad did not have a great start to their IPL 2021 UAE phase. Luckily, they had ended their losing streak in the other match against PBKS.

They had lost all their last three games, but with focus and performance, they managed to stage a comeback earlier.

But, on the 2nd October they again lost. Yes, such a sad state of affairs…

The last game was a hard-fought win for Delhi and they have attained their 9th victory of this season of IPL. They have also finished a league double over the defending champions and continue to shine.

For Mumbai, they have failed to break the 10-point deadlock and stay 6th on the table. It’s going to be pretty difficult for them from here on.


Mumbai Indians are presently at the sixth position and have won 5 out of 12 games so far. Their net run rate is still a big question mark and they will be aware of the outcomes.

They cannot and should not afford to lose a game from here on. This will make it tougher for them, with their ugly net run rate.

Gap Analysis

1. Winning of Mumbai Indians 

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There are a few gaps here and there… In fact a lot many gaps, actually.

Well, winning is the only option. It’s easier said than done. Mumbai Indians with their win against PBKS were still effectively in the race for the playoff, and winning their remaining games should have been their foremost goal.

Overconfidence killed it. With such amazing guidance and coaching, still they failed and only due to their attitude, carelessness and overconfidence.

2. Dedication, Determination and Devotion of Mumbai Indians

DLF Mumbai Indians
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Hirav Shah’s 3 D Mantra can help them fill up all their gaps. So, just by keeping these in mind, they need to give it their all.

They have two games in hand against the SRH, and the RR and they have to make sure they win the other two games very comprehensively and by a huge margin.

3. Aggression

Mumbai Indians stand 6th. They Played 12, Won 5 and Lost 7.

Aggression with focus is the trick. Also confidence. Not overconfidence… That should help-Says Hirav Shah.

Mumbai Indians net run rate is alarmingly low in the season and only SRH are behind them. Their Upcoming matches are with RR on October 5, SRH on October 8.

Nothing is impossible. If you think, you can do- YOU WILL DO“- Quotes Sports Strategist Hirav Shah.

Hirav Adds- They will be expecting that KKR loses at least two of their remaining matches, which will make it a little easier for the Mumbai side. The Rohit Sharma-led team did face a tough challenge from the Delhi Capitals side, who have looked superb so far.

It could come down to the slightest of margins in the end, and Mumbai Indians have scraped through into the playoffs in the past. The defending champions are unbeatable, when they start to peak around. They need to show aggression with focus in their next games. And yes, confidence and not arrogance and overconfidence.

Final Thoughts

Winning and losing are part and parcel of the game. Or for that matter any sport or any assignment. Never give up, never give in, and when the upper hand is yours, may you have the ability to handle the win, with the dignity that you absorbed the loss- Hirav Shah Concludes….