India’s first judoka, Avtar, who had no organizational support or any big sponsor earlier, is one of Country’s most sought-after judokas today.

About Avtar Singh:

Avtar Singh was born to be an unstoppable judoka. So, once he got into the sport, it was a difficult fight for him. Hailing from a middle class background and serving in the Punjab police force, Avtar would often withdraw from tournaments due to lack of funds.

In 2016, his parents spent almost all of their life savings to send him to compete at the Grand Prix event in Turkey, but after a point the costs got too high to bear. In fact, they had to actually raise funds online to watch Avtar represent India at Rio.

Then after, Avtar Singh through his focus and perseverance became India’s one of the most sought after judokas.

Early Life of Avtar Singh:

In 2006, Avtar started Judo and in 2010, he turned professional.

Talking of Avtar’s parents, Avtar’s father Shingara Singh worked at a local government hospital and his mother Sukhvinder Kaur is a housewife. They have always stood through Avtar’s thick and thin and rest as we say is “History”.

Achievements of Avtar Singh:

One of the top Indian judo players who successfully qualified for the Rio Olympics Games is Avtar Singh, who specializes in Men’s 100 kilograms.

Avtar became the first Indian man to participate in the 90 kg event. Avtar has successfully represented India many times in the sport, Nationally as well as Internationally.

Avtar Singh’s Relationship:
Avtar Singh is unmarried currently. However he is very close to his family who he considers his biggest support.

Avtar Singh Horoscope:

Date Of Birth  3 April 1992
Place Of Birth  Gurdaspur
Zodiac Sign Aries
Birth Number  3 ruled by Jupiter 
Destiny Number  1 ruled by Sun
Lucky Number 3, 6, 9

Avtar Singh’s Horoscope in 2022:

Avtar Singh has entered the 31st year of his life. 3+1= 4, ruled by the Sun. 2022 is a number 6 year ruled by Venus.

Future of Avtar Singh in 2022:

Avtar Singh will keep winning small and big tournaments in 2022. The year is all set to embrace this National Judo Champ-Predicts Noted Sports Astrologer cum Astro Strategist Hirav Shah.

Avtar Singh will stay inspired and powerful and motivated in 2022…Tells Hirav Shah.

Hirav Shah’s Astro Strategic Advice for Avtar Singh:

Keep maintaining your passion and zeal for the sport. Pay a little more attention to your self discipline and consistency.

Happy Birthday, Avtar Singh!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best judo player in India?

India’s three leading judokas — Vijay Yadav (men’s 60 kg), Jasleen Singh Saini (men’s 66kg) and Avtar Singh (men’s 100kg).

Who got judo in India ?

In 1965, the Judo Federation of India was formed. Judo is a sport which is widely played in our Country.

What do you call people who practice judo?

A practitioner of judo is known as a judoka.