The world is currently going through a devastating pandemic that has taken the lives of many and affected millions of households. It is undoubtedly a tough time for all of us, but if you are reading this, it is good news for you because you have survived this horrific dilemma and successfully lived through it. The nation has seen terrible curfews and unbearable lockdowns, the incomes went lower, and the economy went to the extreme lowest. The pandemic left everyone in awe when it showed severe effects like job uncertainty and unemployment that were indigestible for the nation. The world just stopped, and developing countries faced the most damage as they are still in their struggling time.

According to celebrated Property Astrologer cum Astro Strategist™ Hirav Shah, “In early 2020, the real estate market suffered the most. The number of incomplete construction went higher, and suddenly, the investors started backing out from most of the projects leaving the industry in the short run. The real-estate sector around the globe has witnessed some big-time roadblocks, but this sector is also benefited from the novel Covid-19 pandemic; but after some months, the real estate industry started to grow in a massive way because people have started to look for options that have the potential to secure their savings through intelligent investments. It was challenging to pay house rents, so people then began to look for affordable housing options, so they were keen to secure their savings and find a house to live in.

Hirav Shah says that some affordable investment options in the real-estate industry have emerged as a silver lining for potential buyers.

Why invest Post-Covid

Selling property post Lock down

Hirav Shah explains that it is rightly said that you make money on equity when times are good, and you make money on financing when the times are wrong; you can do both in this situation as we are several months into the pandemic. It’s good news for the real estate investors that the prices of houses or plots are held steady and are kept on a much lower interest than usual. The commercial sector is also thriving as people are trying to find a way to earn bread for their families with an insight into a better future.

Lower Interest Rates

Hirav Shah says, “Everybody has already faced a lot of trouble paying taxes in the hard times of 2020, so the government found some ways to ease the taxpayers. For the new investors, the government lowered the interest rates on buying new property or land, and for the previous house owners, they introduced some tax exemptions that proved better for the real estate industry and encouraged many to consider investing in the real estate industry.”

Affordable New Schemes

Shah adds, “Throughout the world, people are considering some options for investment that are in their budgets and pocket-friendly. Some housing societies have announced new affordable pricing that was feasible for different classes in the community; different discounts and low-priced packages were also approved, which drove the attention of many investors who were looking for affordability and quality both at the same time.”

Secure Investment

Hirav Shah states that now, we know that anything can happen at any time to anybody, and nobody can stay immune from the chaos. It is smart to secure your money by investing it in a commercial or residential property because the real estate industry is continuously progressing and still in its best state. So, it leads to an observation that a secure investment is the first step toward a better future.

Best Time

If you think that it’s not a great time to take out your money from the banks and invest it somewhere, you need to rethink! Because the real estate world is prosperous in these times of Covid-19 so, don’t worry that your money will be at stake.

Return on investment

In the harsh times of the pandemic, you can observe extreme joblessness and job uncertainty universally; nobody is spending as they want to, and a majority of the people went below the poverty line. People are looking for a way through which they can have a stable income and secure future. A very few businesses can guarantee a good return on investment; the real-estate world is one of the few businesses that are flourishing even in these times, so it is a better idea to put your savings in the real estate industry to have a steady income and a decent result on investment.

Where to Invest Post- Covid

Hirav Shah says, “Even though the housing sector is fruitful during the pandemic, it is also getting harder to find a plot, house, or commercial property to buy that falls within the budget. It is nearly impossible to find a suitable home to invest in because the prices are going sky high, and let’s suppose even if you have found the right one, the amenities and facilities will be scarce. Some dazzling housing projects have promised to deliver a complete living experience with the most affordable rates and high hopes for a better return on investment in the future.

If you are still hesitant to invest in the real-estate business during challenging times of pandemic, consult a property astrologer.

Last but not least, Hirav Shah says that many property-related matters can be derived from a careful study of a horoscope. An efficient Property Astrologer or Real Estate Astrologer can give property buying advice on the basis of date of birth and horoscopes and with the analysis of the property and also can tell the good and bad aspects of the property you are interested in. He can also tell about the chances of losing property and the risks involved in the investment. An astrologer can also predict what would be the best time for you to buy a house of your own.

These days, Hirav Shah is also working with India’s leading builders and real estate developers mainly from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Calcutta, and small Builders from small cities, etc. for their existing and new projects to help them out, increase certainty, and to make strategies.