Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security- Is All We Know.

Still, if you are new to buying Real estate, you might be scared. Doing good research is recommended before you invest a fortune. Thane is one such market that should interest you, if you are planning to invest in Real estate as a way to make money or even for your personal use, Says Hirav Shah, Real estate Investment Adviser and Real estate Strategist.

Investing In Real Estate In Thane for 2021

As you know, Thane City has been shortlisted as one of the smart city in India. It has been chosen as a smart city under the Urban Development (MoUD), 100 Smart City Mission in India. And with excellent intra and inter-city connectivity, Thane has become a preferred destination to invest in, Opines Hirav Shah, Real estate Financial Adviser and Astrologer.

Hirav Shah Adds,
The city has witnessed immense development in terms of new housing projects, commercial spaces, and other social structures such as malls, schools, and hospitals. Here is why Thane has emerged as a sought-after location for developers and homebuyers alike.

Also,Thane has a lot to offer as a city, with clean air, greenery, multiple hospitals, and garden proximity to a megacity Mumbai and lowers traffic. Thane is a megacity in its own right but people have been attracted to buy property in Thane for this very reason. Investing in property in Thane could be a smart move as the return on investment is only going to grow with more people demanding to have a property in Thane.

Property and Real Estate Astrology for Thane

In property related consequence as per astrology, Mars or Saturn is the major karakas. In astrology, house mixtures play a crucial part along with nakshatras and Up-Nakshatra owners.

Buying Property

4th House: is the primary house of the property

6th House: exemplifies any way of loan to acquire a property

7th House: represents the purchasing of retail property.

In retail property, Mercury should be involved in Dasa while acquiring the property.

8th House: acquiring a property with the help of unearned wealth like PF, or insurance.

11th House: earnings

12th House: Expenses associated with or during the method of acquiring a property.

4th House & 11th House connection: When these two houses get attached in a chart then the profit of possession is verified in property-related concerns.

Best time to acquire House/ property: 4th house, 6th house & 11th house combination bless the best time to acquire the property through Loan. If you already have an estate on rent, then this mixture in his Dasha time will improve your rental earnings.

House buying: 4th house & 12th house mixture in a horoscope implies the estate will be bought through instalments and the wealth will be given by a third party, not a bank. If Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus time is going on then the estate will be in a good area and without any further harm. But if the time is of Rahu, Saturn, or Ketu then the estate will not be in a nice area and the circumstance of the estate will be bad or partly injured.

When 5th house and 9th house jointly will be attached in above combination with any property increase yoga in the presence of any benefic planet, then that mansion will play a very significant optimistic role in the life of a native.

Favourable Time Period to invest in Thane Real estate – From March 20, 2021 to 7 June, 2021.

Best Places To Invest In Real Estate In Thane

1.Ghodbunder Road

Ghodbunder Road is a rapidly developing area in Thane. The area is combined with affordable houses with all the latest luxury amenities. Buy 2, 3 BHK Flats in Thane West. The Ghodbunder Road stretches from Borivali in Mumbai to Thane City. Almost 20 kilometres long, it links the Western and Eastern Express Highways. It is easily accessible from the micro-markets such as Mira Road, Ghatkopar, Milind and Bhandup. The easy availability of land parcels in this area has encouraged developers to start Luxury Projects in Thane West.


Manpada has a great locality. The connectivity & infrastructure make it a prime location for people.


Kapurbawdi have a variety of residential projects one can choose from. It is a favorable residence for the people.


Balkum is one of the preferred destinations for home buyers. It is an easily accessible, peaceful & nature friendly area. It will be a premium residential hub soon.


The locality is suitable for regular travelers. The location is occupied by the finest residential projects along with all the essential amenities.

Property and Real Estate Future & Trends

Hiranandani Meadows Thane
KuwarOnline at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Thane is one of the most emerging and developing cities. The strategic location, great connectivity and plethora of contemporary residential projects have attracted investors to invest in Thane.

Here are some of the reasons outlined by Hirav Shah, to understand how good and lucrative it is to invest in Thane Real estate.

1.Thane’s Connectivity

Than is centrally located near Mumbai and has strong connectivity. The road and rail connectivity of Thane has attracted masses to this city. The upcoming Thane metro project will surely augment its connectivity and increase property rates in the future.

2.Residential and Commercial Property Investments

Thane has an innumerable number of residential and commercial projects for investments. Many multinational companies and corporations are having their head office in Thane. This has attracted the working class to penetrate the city making it a lucrative investment destination.

3.Real Estate Returns

The Real estate market of Thane is huge. Many reputed builders and Real estate developers have launched their mega projects in Thane. This has drastically increased the property rates in Thane and in the future too it is speculated that a Real estate investment in Thane can offer a minimum of 10-11% ROI.

4.City infrastructure

Thane is one of the important and well-planned cities. It has everything right from modern lifestyle facilities to natural elements. The easy access and quality of city infrastructure make Thane a city with holistic and consistent growth.


Thane is one of the most favourable destinations for people, who are looking to invest their money in Real estate. The location is a go-to for people who are looking for a house that gives them the luxury of living in Mumbai on a budget. The properties in Thane are known to fetch top dollars when sold on the resale market especially if it is bought by renowned developers. If you are in the market looking for a house in Thane you might find that the amenities that they come with are a hard pass. The demand for properties in Thane is not dying down even when the Real estate market is struggling in the country.

In a nutshell, Thane provides the buyer with ample choices and investment opportunities, Concludes Hirav Shah.