After a brief lull in November 2021, there has been a significant rise in the number of plot investments in Kolkata, off late.

And why not !!

Buying plots in the city of joy is yielding better returns and “returns is all you need, right”- Says Hirav Shah, The Most Prominent Real Estate Astrologer and Advisor Of Our Country.

Kolkata Real Estate :

In Kolkata, lands or plots have been able to generate higher returns on investment. One of the reasons could be the limited supply of plots in Kolkata because of the paucity of large land parcels in the city.

Amidst COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for plots and lands have come back strongly in 2022.To meet this rise in demand, developers are trying by launching such projects on the outskirts of Kolkata.

Previously, people generally preferred to buy apartments rather than plots. This is due to security and common amenities like power backup, car parking, club, gym, swimming pool and garden area, among others.

But today times have changed. Indeed… The current which is 2022’s and historical trends suggest that plots comparatively have higher returns than other residential assets.

In Kolkata, over the last two years, there has been a demand surge for larger configuration houses. This is necessitated by the fact that home buyers are now either looking to buy or upgrade to higher configuration homes.

All of these have happened due to the continuance of Work from Home (WFH) policies since covid is not interested to go away from India. Kolkata has witnessed that most of the demand for plots has been in the range of 900 sq ft to 1800 sq ft.

Isn’t 2022 a wonderful time to invest in Kolkata plots !!

“Get, Set & Invest”- Suggests Hirav Shah, India’s Premier Real Estate Advisor Who Has An Astounding Global Influence.

Best Sites To Invest In Land:

1. New Town Real Estate

New Town is an affordable market segment with a lot of potential. It boasts of its connectivity to some of the key areas such as Salt Lake, VIP Road, Airport, and Ultadanga.

From connectivity, infrastructure, medical facilities and everything else…and yes, affordability, New Town has it all. If you want to invest in land in Kolkata, then New Town should be your first pick.

2. Rajarhat Real Estate

It is an affordable market segment with lots of potential. Persons of Indian Origin find Rajarhat an extremely lucrative Real Estate investment destination because the prices of plots are lower in comparison to other parts in Kolkata and the returns could be 20 percent more than other areas. That’s huge !!

Also in the last 10 years, the private and government players have worked well in Rajarhat, resulting in a well-developed social and civic infrastructure including educational institutes, communication facilities, healthcare centers, and others.

3. Southern Bypass Stretch Real Estate

This has transformed into a paradise for plot investors, off late. The privilege is the connection to all of Kolkata through major metro stations..

The place has attracted lots of plot investors in recent times due to some good medical facilities and relatively less pollution as a bonus, aside from everything else.

Final Thoughts:

Actually, from 2019 to 2021, buying plots in Kolkata is yielding better returns than investing in apartments. Yes, plot investments will be the next big thing in Kolkata in 2022.

What are you waiting for !!
It’s time to invest…

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