Most parts of 2020 weren’t exactly smooth sailing and saw us confronted with the unprecedented global Coronavirus pandemic. Everything went berserk in 2020. Almost all businesses.

But for one business 2020 was a banner year. It would be hard to exaggerate the degree to which OTT (over-the-top platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, ZEE5, SonyLIV and many others) have made hay while a lockdown-weary population hustled for a ray of sunshine. As all activities remained shut, most notably theatres, OTT platforms received the ultimate shot in the arm: a disoriented but nevertheless, hungry and captive audience, Opines Hirav Shah, Business Astrologer™ and Strategist.

Description :There are currently about 40 providers of over–the–top media services (OTT) in India, which distribute streaming media over the Internet.

And this year, streaming mattered. It went from an exciting source of entertainment to the source of entertainment. While stuck indoors, we turned to OTT platforms for all our entertainment needs and streamed a lot of content.

As the year draws to a close, Hirav Shah pens down how India’s ever-expanding roster of notable streaming players performed this year and which has become the best streaming platform for Indian content in 2020.

1.Netflix India

For Netflix India, 2020 felt like a factory line of noble but underwhelming content (Jamtara, She, Taj Mahal 1989, Bhaag Beanie Bhaag), misfires (Guilty, Maska, Hasmukh, Class Of 83, Ginny Weds Sunny, Kaali Khuhi) and straight-up embarrassing duds (Mrs Serial Killer, Betaal, Miss India).
None of these came close to their international heavy hitters in terms of generating conversation, with the exception of Indian Matchmaking, technically an American show.

2. Zee 5

ZEE 5’s strategy has always been different since its inception. They have always put quantity over quality. Having said that ZEE 5 is by far the most prolific Indian streaming platform. Even this year,they had more than 60 titles.
Aside from pulpy guilty pleasures of Never Kiss Your Best Friend and some winning film acquisitions (Chintu Ka Birthday, Taish), they had one of the year’s best shows in Churails.

3. SonyLIV

SonyLIV was the new player on the block in 2020. While the platform has been around for a while, they relaunched the service this year with a new look and a shiny new slate of close to 10 originals.

The SonyLIV success story was, of course, spearheaded by Scam 1992, the most talked about series of the year. But Scam aside, even their other titles showed competence, promise and originality even if they didn’t entirely work (A Simple Murder, Gullak, Uncommon Sense With Saloni Gaur) giving you a sense that there are capable, creative minds behind the wheel. Their film acquisitions too were among the year’s best (JL50, Bhonsle).

4. Disney+ Hotstar

While the arrival of Disney+ in India is considered one of 2020’s most exciting streaming developments, bringing with it Marvel, The Mandalorian, Mulan and more, the same can’t be said for its Indian content slate. The newly formed Disney+ Hotstar had close to 10 Indian originals this year, made up of series and Bollywood films.

While the acclaimed Sushmita Sen-starrer Aarya gave them a much-needed win, the remainder of its series ranged from competent at best (Hostages 2, Special Ops) to utterly forgettable (Hundred). On a more encouraging note, they did announce a slate of upcoming Tamil originals for which we remain hopeful.

5. Amazon Prime Video

Quality brings better results and has more depth. And, Amazon Prime Video seems to follow this strategy.
It is unquestionably the best streaming platform for Indian content. While in 2020, duds were also released in this platform, but very little. From many of the best shows (Pataal Lok, Panchayat, Pushpavalli 2, Mirzapur 2), to some of the most incredible Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil films, Prime Video was clearly a show stealer in 2020. Though for cinephiles, Prime Video served as an outlet, as a breather and as aa awesome entertainment source in 2020, we only that its winning streak(in delivering quality) continues in 2021 as well.


Did the trade know earlier that OTTs will become a major source of entertainment in 2020?

Did the industry know that the fate of many films would be disastrous this year in terms of revenue?

Who on earth had expected such a lack- lustre and pathetic response from the box office?

Nobody, right !!

Was there a way out?

“There was and there still is and there still is a way out and that’s Business Astrology”, Says Hirav Shah, Astro-Guru and Top Business Strategist and Adviser.

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