The world is witnessing constant changes in business environments along with a steep rise in neck-to-neck competition in the 21st century. Such dynamics put companies in a position where they have to manage the cost and at the same time multiply the revenues to strengthen their position in the industry. In such critical situations, businesses feel strained when it comes to concentrating upon their core competencies. Thus, to maximize the outputs by minimizing the cost, today the businesses turn their head to top BPO service provider to whom they can outsource their business processes.

Mr. Hirav Shah, the very famous Astro Strategist™ cum Business Astrologer™ was recently asked about the importance of choosing the ideal BPO for our business that will intensify the growth in business at a much rapid pace. Hirav Shah, as everyone knows, works with the common man to CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Performers, Athletes, Celebrities, Politicians, etc… anyone who has Huge Potential and wants to make BIG CHANGES in their lives.

Hirav Shah asks, “Have you ever witnessed that your customer base is increasing in numbers gradually? It means that your customer call facility will be at the highest limit in no time. And, you will find yourselves to search and look for a reliable BPO solution that can help you and your company in revamping your overall customer assistance services.

For the same aforementioned purpose, you will try to look for a BPO company that befits your company’s requirements and objectives. But before we delve further into the process of choosing the right BPO Company, let’s first understand “what is BPO”?

What is BPO?

Being a Business Strategist, Hirav Shah says, “BPO means Business Process Outsourcing. It is known to be a practice which involves contracting work processes to third-party work or service providers. Moreover, the services can comprise Bookkeeping & Accounting, customer support, payroll, Telemarketing, and social media marketing to name a few. Additionally, a company that integrates full inbound and outbound call center services, market research & analysis, back-office solutions, with email & live chat, inbound and outbound telemarketing, and social media monitoring can serve as a unified voice across all your customer interaction channels. Moreover, BPO is subdivided into two parts- the front office as well as the back office.”

In today’s time, according to Hirav Shah, the outsourcing companies have provided the associated business with the following benefits-

  1. Decreased costs – It is a primary advantage that makes a business seek outsourcing services is that it gets the work done at the right costs. You can hire a BPO agency and thus, it can help you save your hard-earned chunks from getting wasted on the in-house workforce or labor.
  2. Helps to concentrate on key areas- You hire a BPO company to help you assist in the primary functions of your company. In such a process, you are providing your in-house labor to work on what’s important. And the rest of the services are controlled and taken care of by BPO.

Now coming back to the topic, Hirav Shah explains that it is not an easy task to choose a particular outsourcing unit for your business requirements. And for the same purpose, you will be required to inspect every detail microscopically before settling and assigning such roles to just one agency.

If Hirav Shah is to be believed then this process is an elongated process of evaluation. And, in case you still need help to figure out the right way to choose the outsourcing company then fret not, Hirav Shah has jotted down some helpful advice that can help you cater to your BPO finding tasks-

– Define your requirements

It is one of the most important criteria that can help you in reviewing your overall vendor finding processes. In such a process ask your stakeholders to figure out the necessary objectives set for BPO, their roles, and the risk involved. Once this is analyzed you can easily review and test your options on the aforementioned criteria.

– Ask for Request for Proposal as well as source vendors

Once your stakeholders know the important objectives, comes an important part. Ask for RFP from your concerned market search. And, at this particular stage, you can determine what service management model your company can use.

– Vendor finding process

Once you have sorted the above two tasks, you can evaluate the proposal. And when you do so, start from determining what will be the viable risk and benefits that a concerned BPO in question (under evaluation) will possess once they are hired!

– Their hours of working-

This is a very crucial criterion. Only if the BPO’s working hours match yours, you can assign them with the task, keep an eye on the growth and development, and ask for changes. If the time fails to match, you will waste a lot of GMT+ hours on just reviewing and setting priorities for the day.

– Type of technology preferred-

Now, in case you want to have a command over the BPO Company providing you with the outsourcing services, you need to know the technology they use. In such circumstances, you can work and support them equally.

To summarize the whole issue, Hirav Shah says, “Outsourced Bpo services to India do have their share of risks and benefits, but it can amplify if you fail to choose the right vendor. The above points and knowledge of the choosing criteria can save you from the potential risk and elevate your overall business operations.”

He adds, “If you are a businessman, your account should have money equivalent to your potential. Astrology is one tool you can utilize to increase the probability of success in a shorter time range. It can calculate many things in advance to give you a timeline for your success. This is certainty and when it comes to marketing strategies for business an Astro Strategist™ will increase the belief in yourself and help you advance easily.”