In this blog, eminent Travel Business Consultant cum Astro Strategist™ Hirav Shah talks about how to create a travel app in 2021 and how it’s going to help in boosting your travel business.

Hirav Shah says, “Having a travel app for your travel business can be a great way to increase your ROI by offering your customers personalized services at their fingertips. From researching about their favorite travel destination to booking flights, hotels, and a lot more, travel apps can help travelers easily do all their travel-related work in one place. Moreover, it can also be profitable for travel companies to leverage a big profit out of these apps.

Shah adds, “So if you also have a travel business offline and wish to expand it more, you should consider having a travel app of your own. Having your own travel app can also help you in getting more customers than an offline travel business. However, it can be difficult to estimate how, to begin with, one. From cost to features, a lot of things require consideration to build a travel app.

Therefore, to help you along the way, Hirav Shah tells you how you can create a travel app of your own that has all the required features and also stands out from your competitors. Take a look.

Features To Consider While Creating A Travel App

Developing a travel app is a worthy investment that can help your customers make travel bookings and enjoy many features from wherever they are. They act as a one-stop solution for travelers as it allows them to experience a personalized user-interface with multiple features. But before building a travel app, businesses must know what features should a travel app have to succeed in the market. So, here are some important features that you should consider adding to your mobile travel app.

1. Registration/Login:

This is a required feature for any travel app. Any user who wishes to make bookings or surf through the app should register/log in. You can also offer social media login to your users for a hassle-free registration.

2. Search Option

Offering a search and filter feature is essential as it helps users to easily find accommodation, transportation, restaurants, etc as per their preferences by using multiple search filters.

3. Listing Info

To make a travel app successful, you would require a proper listing feature that includes lists of nearby hotels, flights, trains, restaurants, and more. This will help a user easily match his requirements and browse through them via itself.

4. Messaging Feature:

Another necessary feature that you should offer is the messaging feature so that they can be assisted via tests. You can also make it advanced by adding a chatbot feature for easy communication.

5. Booking Feature

In booking is a must-have feature that you should offer to your users. They can make bookings for hotels, flights, trains, and more on the go using a single app. Moreover, you can include deals and offers to attract more customers.

6. Payment Options

Whenever a user makes a booking, he will be required to pay for the same. To do so, a travel app should have different payment options such as payment gateways, UPI, bank payment, and more so that users can have a smooth transaction experience.

7. Itinerary Or Booking History

A history of their booking should be provided to users once they have performed the booking. Therefore, your booking history page should show the complete list of the users’ travel history or accommodation bookings with full details.

8. Reviews And Recommendations

Reviews and recommendations play an important role as they help in bringing more users to your app. Therefore, you must offer a rating and review feature to your user once they have made their booking or completed their travel.

Few other features that you can offer in a travel app can be

Local area information

Weather forecast

Local helpline and emergency numbers


Developing a Travel App For Your Travel Business

Now that we are aware of all the necessary features that are required to make a travel app for a travel agency, let us now move forward with how you can develop it for your business. Hirav Shah suggests three major ways that you can choose to create a functional travel app for your travel business.

a. Create An App From Scratch

If you have a professional team that has experience in developing a mobile app that involves programming, designing, and marketing skills, you can opt for this option for developing travel. However, this is not an easy task as it may require extremely high skills, will be time-consuming as well as expensive. Moreover, there are other low-cost options available that you can choose to get a feature-rich app developed for your business.

b. Building Platforms

Another method to develop a travel mobile app is by using app building platforms. These platforms come with ready-made templates and offer you a faster approach to building mobile apps. This method is better than building an app from scratch as it is a low-cost, skill, and time-consuming. However, this option is not much favorable if you want any extra functionality that these platforms do not offer. Also, if you wish to build a well-optimized, feature-rich app this option will not be suitable for you.

c. Outsource An App Development Team

The most beneficial and cost-saving option to build a travel app as per your business requirements is by hiring a team of professional app developers who will work as an extension to your existing team. By opting for this option, you can hire an experienced team of professionals that will develop scalable, feature-rich, and highly optimized apps for your business. This will also be the fastest method to implement your app development project.

A Dedicated Team Of Experts
Timely And Affordable App Development Services
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Hirav Shah sums it up by saying, “Travel apps have become essential aspects of every travel and tourism business. From offering a seamless booking experience to your customers to offering features giving them a memorable travel experience, a travel app can be a great asset for your business to grow and scale in the long run.