Every new day acquires new changes. People take a shot at growing better and quicker approaches to streamline their lives. Since the invention of the wheel, people have continued pushing ahead in tying down approaches to make their lives increasingly productive, comfortable, and advanced. Technology is the magic that has left nothing immaculate. It has made its imposing imprint on the hospitality industry too,” says Hirav Shah the Celebrated Astro Strategist™ cum Business Astrologer™ and Top Influencer and Adviser in the field of Corporate Businesses, Politics, Sports, Entertainment industry, Real Estate sector and Tourism, and Hospitality.

Let’s have a quick sneak peek into the recent hotel technological advancements.

1. Cloud-Based Hospitality Solutions

Gone are the days when industries put a ton of their money in growing the extensive foundation for keeping up and putting away information. It also was mandatory to hire a team of IT experts to do it. However, at this point, practically all the productivity-boosting solutions of the hospitality industry like Hotel Management System and Restaurant POS System are cloud-based. Hospitality solutions accompany numerous great advantages like upheld up and verified information, which can be effectively gotten to from anyplace the hoteliers wish. Moreover, cloud solutions are flexible, and they can be effectively adjusted according to the requirements. Cloud solutions are born for the hospitality industry.

2. Mobile Communication

Mobile phones have turned out to be ordinary things today. A great deal of hotels has begun using this reality for giving a superior guest experience. Mobile phones have turned into the central methods for communication between the hotel staff and customers. Room services, house-keeping, and all other facilities can be available to the guest with a few clicks on their own mobile phones. The initiate of mobile phones has improved communication in all walks of life. Mobile phones have also replaced the keycards and PABX system. For the hospitality industry, mobile phones are multi-functioning well.

3. Digital facilities

As everybody claims a smartphone or two nowadays, digital facilities like wifi connectivity, constant reports on the entirety of their hotel dealings, and digital conference rooms have progressed toward becoming standards. Hoteliers are good to go to satisfy each digital requirement of their guests. Technology has expansive effects on the general population, and their propensities are secured to their technological devices. Attributable to this, the hoteliers are absolutely prepared with the latest technological wonders, all set to awe their guests.

4. Analytics for Personalized Services

Backed with impressive tools to collect data and estimating activities, hoteliers are presently ready to offer immensely detailed personalized services. They are also able to give various times of recreation and entertainment options which are tailored as per their guests’ preferences. Technology has also encouraged the development of individualized marketing where hoteliers offer the precise things which specific people want. A new dimension to the scope of customized services has been given by such services. It has likewise conveyed the guest experience to a whole new level.

5. Virtual Reality and Augmented reality

Hoteliers are making ample use of virtual and augmented reality technologies. They are being used to excite the guest with rich audio-visual guest experiences. Glasses with computer visions and object recognization are being given to guests. Virtual tours of the hotels are gaining popularity. Chatbots and voice help who assist guests all through their hotel stay is the in-thing nowadays. Additionally, people are finding these technologies significantly more helpful than human intervention. It is additionally boosting up the productivity levels of the hotel staff. Virtual Reality and Augmented Realities are here to stay.

6. Resources-Saving Technologies

Hotels are harnessing technologies to use all of their resources better. Motion sensing Air conditioners and water facilities are not unbelievable today. Heat detection systems help the hotel staff to dispatch the house-keepers without disturbing the guests. Motion sensing lights have also cleared a path into hotels. These facilities upgrade the guest experience as well as sets aside the hotels and earth’s valuable resources. It also saves a lot of time for both, the guests and the staff.

Hirav Shah in his concluding statement says, “As time moves on, we will see more inspiring technological advancements in the hospitality sector. Help with artificial intelligence and robots are as of now being utilized by a few giants of hospitality. Future developments stores many amazing possibilities for the hospitality industry. With technology, even the sky isn’t the limit.”

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Now, that’s Historic, to say the least!