In this column, celebrated Astro Strategist™ cum Business Astrologer™ Hirav Shah talks about the types of business at the online business directories and the benefits of listing your business in these directories.

Hirav Shah says, “With everything moving online, gone are the days of looking up services by asking neighbours and relatives, whether it is the matter of online shopping or it is for the real estate property selling. Different websites such as Yellow Pages, Just Dial, Sulekha and Urban Clap types service-oriented online business directory trades pretty much over. Today’s searchers use Google and relied on online enterprise directories to find the services they want to use them, that’s why adding your organization to those lists is regularly crucial for being observed in the virtual era.

He adds, “There are various online business directories for unique needs, business, areas, niches, industries, and regions. Different organizations seem on the listing of the directory and there is more possibility to be contacted.

According to Hirav Shah,

Almost 81% Of People Do The Online Search Before Choosing Any Service Or Making Any Big Purchase.

Online listing websites have made their mark as one of the maximum profitable online companies. This is because; the online directories are extraordinarily beneficial, both, for the listing service provider as well as the users.

While it’s the age of hyper-local search start-ups, some of the neighbourhood service listing portals, such as Just Dial, Sulekha.Com, had been in business for quite some time now.

There are multiple businesses as well as services that can be listed on this online listing directory,

  • Routine Home Services
  • Order Food Online( Restaurant Near Me & Fast Food Near Me)
  • Online Shopping
  • Repairing Services ( Home Appliance Repairing Services, Ac Repair Services, Computer Repair, Auto Repair Services, Washing Machine Repair, Care Repair Centre Near Me )
  • Event Management ( Birthday Party, Wedding Planner, Event Photographer)
  • Travel ( Hotel Booking)
  • Others ( Real Estate, Beauty Salons, Health Club Or Health Centre Near Me, Income Tax Consultant, Automobile, Auto Repair Etc)
  • Marriage Event Management

What started as a collaborative portal, converted into a medium that offered various services at one platform commenced the online advertisement to the ones who are probably interested by publicizing their internet site.

This is very obvious why people love to list their website or services on this online local directory because your local business needs online visibility. Almost 46% Of The Searches On The Google Seeks Local Information And Only These Websites Provide Full Details.

The internet has had an immeasurable effect on the discoverability of small-scale organization emerging companies. Online directories are so helpful, as they’re frequently seen as a dependable source and this is usually for high-quality corporations. With all of the distinctive options available, people are extra cautious and they want more trust issues to choose any service.

Most of the online business directories accept the request of any business of they are legal, and it is verified by them as well. Many directories even have purchaser evaluate areas, which can help improve your reputation. Online directories are one of the first places today’s buyers look whether they want to have the service provider, partner or seller.

Benefits of an online business directory

Let’s look at the top 6 benefits of online business directories and see how they can do wonders for your business. With an online business directory, you can:

  1. Enhance your online presence
  2. Improve your local visibility
  3. Rank higher on Google
  4. Create your brand awareness
  5. Boost your SEO
  6. Get discovered easily

In conclusion to the discussion, Hirav Shah says, “While having your business listed on online business directories is a great advantage, incomplete and inaccurate business details can affect your online reputation and frustrate customers who are looking for your business. Customers, if unable to contact you, will shift away from your brand and might end up landing on to your competitor’s perfectly updated listing and eventually doing business with them.”

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