Making a choice for career is a difficult task and one needs to undergo through a complex process of thinking to decide as which career field suits him the most. For finding solution that can make the entire process easy, the best option is determining suitable career option on the basis of zodiac sign. In this case, one of the choices of career that has become highly popular is politics. It is a fact that the person needs to have certain some specific qualities so as to get success in politics. These are the qualities that make contribution towards one’s performance. However, in addition to these, there are some important astrological factors as well that are vital for getting political success.

This means that for enjoying the desired success, one need to have support from relevant planets as well. The important astrological aspects for power that can help the person to get success in politics are discussed here:

Significance of different planets for political career:

As per the astro-strategist and political astrologer Shri Hirav Shah, for a successful career in politics, different houses have significance such as:

  • First house: Self is represented by this house
  • Second house: For skills of strong communication, this is the responsible house. It is helpful for the person who wants to enter in politics to deliver his thoughts and communicate in impressive manner
  • Third house: This is the courage house. A person is able to take strong decisions with the strength imparted by this house
  • Fifth house: This is the kingship house that ensures luxuries and comforts like a king in life
  • Ninth house: For getting desired support from luck, this house serves to be important
  • Tenth house: For earning leader like fame, power and reputation, role of this house is significant. This is also known as politics house.

In all these, 10th house serves to be the most important one in terms of politics. It is therefore highly significant that a strong planet is present in this house. In politics, Rahu is considered to have high significance and it is also connected with tenth house.

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Importance of different planets in politics:

Similar to houses, some planets are also there having strong role in making someone successful in this field. These are:

Saturn: For survival in this field, one needs to have sufficient cunningness and calmness and same is imparted by this planet

Sun: This is kingship planet that imparts authority, influence, wonderful personality, leadership qualities along with popularity, power in hands and qualities of administration etc.

Ketu and Rahu:  For success in this field, these planets are considered to be strongest of all. Great success is signified for a person if these planets are present in this horoscope.

Mercury: With the help of this planet, one can enjoy impressive skills of communication. This is important in politics since a great leader is always desired to be remarkable orator. Making a speech highly effective is the skill desired for a good politician and help in same if offered by mercury

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