Be yourself is the best proposal you will receive. There never will be anyone like you. Your talents are special and that is why you are here


Hirav Shah Quotes- “The key is to be unique. The catch is to not be someone else. And to not try as well. It’s easier said than done today since society is programmed like that. But the greatest accomplishment could be to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else…

Begin to stand out, day by day. Be a difference maker. Fitting in with the crowd is robbing you of your fortune.

If you are wondering how to be a difference maker, Hirav Shah says-“It’s already there within each one of us. Only it is to be recognized, acknowledged and nurtured.”

Unique Traits

a. Personality

From the moment you are born, right through to the present moment, your personality is something that is molded.

Every bit of knowledge and wisdom, every moment of strength and weakness, every triumph and failure and every good and bad experience you acquire, no one else can or will have your exact collection of knowledge, experiences, and perceptions, that makes you who you are…

b. Taste

What do you prefer? What do you not? What do you like? What do you not?

Your tastes are largely a unique facet of your individuality and your personality.

Whether it’s what food to eat or what type of people you want to have a relationship with, your tastes will influence many of your choices in life.

c. Goals

How you spend your time, energy, and effort is guided by your goals. The things you have in mind most often, which will influence what you give back and take from the world, are the areas of life and endeavors where you invest your time, energy, and efforts.

When you feel lost or like, when you are stumbling on your path, short, medium and long-term goals provide you direction and motivation.


Famed Business Strategist Hirav Shah wants to communicate something on these lines, which is very very important.

Hirav Says- “Most people are constantly fatigued. They are constantly tired. They are constantly drained out because most of them are trying to be someone that they are not.”

Practical Steps to Embrace Your Authentic Self

  1. Self-Reflection: Take time to introspect and identify your core values, interests, and passions. Understanding yourself is the first step to authenticity.
  2. Challenge Your Inner Critic: We all have an inner critic that doubts our abilities. Challenge these negative thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations.
  3. Express Your Unique Qualities: Don’t be afraid to share your unique skills and talents with the world. Whether it’s through art, music, writing, or any other form of self-expression, let your creativity shine.
  4. Set Boundaries: Establish clear boundaries in your personal and professional life. Saying “no” when necessary is a sign of self-respect and authenticity.
  5. Surround Yourself with Supportive People: Seek out friends and mentors who celebrate your authenticity and encourage your personal growth.

So much energy goes into comparing yourself with other people. So much energy goes into trying to be someone, who you can never possibly be. Respect the uniqueness and beauty of you. Respect bio-individuality. Look in the mirror and acknowledge yourself as unique. Stop draining energy trying to be someone else.”-Concludes Hirav Shah.

Hirav Shah, The Man Behind So Many Successful Brands Across The Globe, believes that most people are not getting there despite the talent and the hard work. They start questioning their abilities and their potential after some time. This is happening in the corporate sector, in businesses and in daily life as well.

But why !!

What could be the possible reason!!

Well, Hirav Shah is exactly throwing light on the same here…