Our words, touch, and actions, the people around us, their words, touch, or actions — are all energy.

How are you using it? Do you try to relax in the face of a crisis? Do you make efforts to improve the quality of your relationships?

What if you had less energy?
What if you had the wrong energy?

Read this space to know more.


All around us is Energy. The entire Universe is made up of energy!

Energy can be good or bad. That’s the reason we often sense the surrounding vibes. When we walk in a room we immediately make out whether we are at the right place or not.

We are all energetically connected, accept it !

You just got to be in the present moment. You just got to be in the “Now”.

Oftentimes, we are so stuck in the past or future that we are trapped in an energetic loop. We cannot see, think and feel properly.

Practicing Mindfulness can make us aware of everything around us.

It need not be something massive or extravagant! It could be as little as being fully present while relishing your meal! Sinking in the morning sunrise! Feeling its rays on your skin and things like that.

Through impressions on mind and body, one can feel and experience the always present energies. Acknowledge the energy in you. Be grateful for the energy within you and reflect on the ones that you get from outside“-Tells Hirav Shah, India’s Most Admired Business Strategist and Prolific Business Transformation Expert.

Final Thoughts:

Be grateful and reflect on energy. Everything is energy. You are energy. Your words are energy. Your touch is energy. Someone else’s touch is energy. Someone else’s words are energy. Each one of the trillions of cells in our bodies works with energy to keep us alive.

Water is energy. The right food is energy. The wrong food is the wrong energy. For instance, a balanced meal that serves us is the right energy, whereas overly-processed junk food that threatens our health isn’t so.

The wrong quality of water is the wrong energy. Your emotional health is energy, right or wrong.

Now close your eyes and deeply reflect. What if you had less energy! What if you had the wrong energy! Now, from today, reflect and be grateful for the energy that is in you…that is within you. That you get from outside of you.. That you receive from the external world.

You can achieve goals with the power of consistency, regular work, but charge what’s there within you. Take a help of universe to find the source of energy.

And how do you use this energy?
What action do you need to take?

Sleep better. Eat better. Move more. Relax. Learn to relax. Work on your relationships be it personal or business. Work on your partnerships. All of these.

Close your eyes. Reflect deeply. Do this well. Be grateful for the energy“- Concludes Hirav Shah, India’s Most Sought-After Business Enhancement Leader.