Strategy Calendar and Important Dates for Real Estate Developers: June 2020

While the world is opening step by step, so is the Real Estate Sector and
its revival is on the charts ?

The struggle to sell unsold inventory, the furloughs/layoffs affecting buyer’s
potential and the pressure of achieving target turnovers are matters you
want to address.

As a real estate developer, investor, architect or infrastructure-based
business owner, your priority is WHAT’S NEXT?

What should be you next move? How can you maximize your ROI and
what strategy will take you ahead.
Use this table as your Lucky Charm and Guide……..

Use this table as your Lucky Charm and Guide.
Plan your DIGITAL and PRINT marketing STRATEGY around the suggested dates to increase visibility & certainty in getting more leads, more probable clients and chances of sale.
Holding client MEETINGS and approaching them on favorable DATES will make conversion possible and bring SUCCESS on your side.

Ace in your endeavors by doing the RIGHT THING, at the RIGHT TIME.

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