In today’s busy, digitalised world, executives, entrepreneurs and businessmen are constantly on the lookout for someone who can help them stay focused and work their way up the success ladder. While a life coach can help one connect to one’s inner core and help them understand their priorities and goals, an astro strategist like Hirav Shah will help provide highly customised and holistic business solutions to his clients based on astrology and industry’s best practices

Life throws up situations when one needs guidance, informed advice and someone to confide in. In today’s world where the corporate culture has taken over the world, people often look up to life coaches for matters pertaining to work, business and overall well-being. However, there are a few who want that little something extra and take the services of an astro strategist.

Both the terms – life coach and astro strategist – invoke positivity and instantly boost one’s morale. Looking at the operating style of a life coach, one can realise that it is rather uni-dimensional. On the other hand, the approach and guidance provided by an astro-strategist is multi-dimensional and covers various aspects of one’s life.

On the other hand, a life coach applies ‘one solution suits all’ approach to their clients. Contrary to this, an astro strategist devises unique and customised solutions for their clients.

What is Life coach ?

By definition, a life coach is a type of wellness professional who helps people make progress in their lives towards attaining greater fulfillment. Life coaches help their clients in improving their relationships, careers and day-to-day lives. A life coach makes uses of his clients’ unique skills and gifts towards this end.

People, mostly well-educated ones, seek the services of a life coach for navigating through a significant life change, such as change of jobs or change of careers or taking up a new job. But a close look at various research materials show that people tend to turn to a life coach for helping them build a happier and more meaningful life.

One can proactively seek the help of a life coach or one can look out for certain signs that tell to seek the services of a life coach. These include:

a) Regular and frequent irritability
b) Extreme stress and/ or anxiety
c) Inability to get rid of bad habits
d) Unhappy social life
e) Constant dissatisfaction at work
f) Blocked creativity

Unlike in the past, life coaches have attained great prominence in recent decades. With a growing number of creative people, executives and entrepreneurs, all of whom want to reach out to life coaches to attain success both in professional and personal lives.

Let’s list the types of life coaches

At the very outset, let us make it clear that life coaches are completely different from therapists. Therapists are trained to deal with mental issues, but life coaches could be anyone who can deliver the results for their clients. While a few life coaches handle general and all-compassing issues, some of them focus on certain areas.

  • Addiction coaching
  • Business, executive, leadership coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Dating, relationship coaching
  • Diet, fitness coaching
  • Divorce coaching
  • Family life coaching
  • Financial coaching
  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Life skills coaching
  • Mental health coaching
  • Spirituality coaching
  • Sports coaching

Though from the above information it might feel as if the benefits of working with a life coach and a licensed therapist are similar, a therapist will help people work through trauma and other issues from the past. While consulting a life coach, one must be clear that the person will help deal with certain unresolved issues and cannot treat mood disorders, anxiety disorders, addiction or any other mental issue.

Responsibilities of a life coach

  • They make the clients look inwards and identify important choices and make best decisions suited for their life, business or work.
  • They help their clients develop good communication in business and interpersonal relations.
  • Life coaches spend quality time with clients from time to time to help them build future goals, set up priorities, monitor their progress at regular intervals and come up with solutions.
  • Once they understand a client, they come up with a plan of action within a stipulated period of time.
  • Life coaches mostly work independently, though they can also work in groups.
  • Life coaches maintain records to check how their clients are progressing and to see how aspiration matches actual performance.
  • They identify a client’s ability and accordingly adjust their strategies as and when required.
  • Life coaches could work with firms, private institutes, government agencies or work independently.

What is an Astro Strategist ?

Astro strategist is someone who has sound knowledge of astrology and business acumen. An astro strategist aims at removing blockages and obstacles in the lives of their clients, be it professional or personal. Their primary goal is to help their clients understand the core issue that is causing disturbance in their work or personal life and to resolve it.

A life coach, as explained earlier, will ask his client to define their present situation, goals, reasons for achieving the goal or goals and how one would want to achieve that goal. But the big question is regarding the chances of achieving the goal or goals. One has to understand the ‘big gap’ between potential and desires, so the clients can put in hard work and work smartly to reach them.
An astro strategist, as the name suggests, is an astrologer-cum-strategist. And this is kind of self explanatory, wherein the clients can get advice regarding astrology and various strategies required to deal with private and professional problems. However, it has to be remembered that an astro strategist does not overload his or her clients with mind-blocking astrological mumbo-jumbo. They use a client’s personal or Business chart for guidance in determining the timeline of projects or events. These findings are then coupled with practical solutions to give a holistic answer that is bound to instil positivity and confidence in clients. What he promises is certainty and a timeline so that you can focus your energies and streamline your strategies. This way, you can execute your plan of action and your actions become more effective and powerful and the results will be positive and productive.
Let’s take the example of a 7-9 month old child who is yet to start walking. However, a parent is not worried as past experiences of others show that the child can take up to 18 months to walk. So, the parent feels secure. However, if this is not the case, then there is a need to use different approaches of teaching till he walks.

Now let’s apply the same to business, for example the real estate business. If a realtor has unsold inventory and they try to sell without any certainty, the results are bound to disheartening. In most cases, the realtors fail. But imagine a situation when one gets to know the best time to sell at maximum price. This gives great certainty and helps the realtor come up with strategies that are executable.

Similarly, if a marketing person is told if he is going to have male or female clients, then they can target their advertising towards that end.

Areas where an astro strategist provides solutions

1) Businesses of all sizes, small, medium and big
2) Establishments that are both new and old
3) Established entrepreneurs or aspiring start-ups
4) Film and entertainment industry
5) Sports industry
6) Branding services
7) Real estate industry
8) Food, restaurant, organic industries
9) Automobile industry
10) Fashion, beauty industries
11) PR industry
12) Finance & trading industries
13) Gold, jewellery and diamond industries
14) Education sector
15) Media industry
16) Internet, software industries, etc.

Responsibilities of an astro strategist

  • An astro strategist deep dives into the problem at hand and then comes up with specially customised solutions for their clients.
  • The beauty of consulting an astro strategist is that no solution is similar. Each problem comes with a unique solution based on various calculations and strategies that an astro strategist works with.
  • An astro strategist is usually a person with sound knowledge of various fields and uses this vast experience to resolve the problems of their clients.
  • One of the pre-requisites of an astro strategist is to study and understand the nuances of various industries. Once done, an astro strategist can use a professional approach to help clients.
  • An astro strategist is also well-versed with astrology, which helps him or her understand the blockages in client’s charts, of their business partners or other people associated with them. Using this information, they can suggest a variety of changes that will eventually help the client have a satisfactory solution.
  • An astro strategist will give his or her clients a specific timeline to work with based on market conditions and astrological predictions. This will ensure that the client has positive and gainful results.
  • Just like ill-fitting clothes create discomfort, so also incomplete or generic solutions can mar the chances of clientele excelling in their field. This is where an astro strategist’s accurate guidelines help a client sail through rough times and reach a safe zone.
  • Given the wide knowledge an astro-strategist has, he or she can mix and match various winning strategies from different industries and give a well-planned plan of action.
  • Based on the information provided, they can suggest name changes, logo changes, etc, alongside providing valuable insights into the functioning of various industries and sectors.
  • Interacting with varied clients and travelling a lot, astro strategists can understand the markets in various geographies and can base their solutions on such insights.
  • Astro strategists don’t merely depend on astrology, but base their strategies on stock market changes, socio-economic-political developments that can impact an industry or sector.
  • Astro strategists work independently and do not believe in offering generic solutions.
  • They work with established clients who need a makeover in terms of their branding or market strategies and at the same time, they work with people who are all set to start from the scratch.
  • However, despite all the strategies in place, an astro strategist emphasizes on the need to combine astrology with good business practices.



Astro Strategist

Life Coach

Uses a multi-dimensional approach

Uses a uni-dimensional approach

Is a pro in astrology and has wide knowledge of various industries

Is adept at giving guidance for various life-affecting and professional problems

Gives holistic solutions after considering various parameters

Uses ‘one solution suits all’ kind of approach

Goal statement:  An astro strategist is one who has sound knowledge of astrology and business acumen. An astro strategist aims at removing blockages.

Life coaches maintain records to check how their clients are progressing and to see how aspiration matches actual performance.

An astro strategist gives a timeline that will help his clients to adjust and readjust their strategies to achieve success and positive outcomes

A life coach helps a client with his problems with no particular timeframe in the scheme of things. Due to this, uncertainty prevails in the mind of their clientele.