Human mind is a work in progress. Various studies are now showing that humans can achieve the objectives of their choice by simply tweaking some thoughts and reprogramming their minds. The collective human consciousness is looking to lead a happy, fulfilled and successful life and various means to reach that goal are being manifested through gurus, life coaches, mind coaches and even scientists.

Astro strategist Hirav Shah is a man of many talents. From being a qualified National volleyball player and Chess National Player to spending time as a theatre artiste and being musically Graduated and inclined, he is quite a pro when it comes to internet, real estate and electronics engineering as he graduated from the same. Having seen some tough times during his growing up years, Hirav Shah maintains reprogramming the mind is crucial for human beings to lead a purposeful, successful and eventful life.

Look around and the world is sprinkled with beautiful examples of how one can rewire, re-train or reprogram one’s mind for success. It’s as if the world has woken up to the beauty of existence and just about every human being now wants to lead a happy, blissful and successful life.

However, there are trying times and dark moments that one is seldom prepared for. There are hurdles that feel insurmountable and there are days when things barely move. But people across the world no longer want to be caught up in their daily struggles and want to connect to their higher selves.

Life presents two paths to each one of us — either succumb to the situation or rise above it and lead a happy, fulfilled and joyful life. There are times when one is mired in despair, unwilling to let go of the troubles and problems that engulf our lives. It has to be remembered that discontentment can be a double-edged sword. It can push us to simply get up and do what is required to get out of the situation or push us to a corner where we no longer want to try.

And it is during such dejected times, that one needs to look around and observe and take note of thousands of examples of people who believed that they could rise above troubles and make a positive difference to their lives.

Let’s take the example of actor-turned-philanthropist-turned-author Sonu Sood. Little would he have imagined the role he would play during the corona pandemic times. However, when life presented him with the situation, he saw his ‘role’ in it and carried out his duties with utmost commitment and conviction. And life reciprocated and made him the real hero of the masses.

If one looks at celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, her life is a huge example of what a human being and most importantly a woman can do. Rising from utter poverty and having seen her grandmother slog through the day to keep the family going, Oprah says she promised herself that her life will never be like her grandmother’s. She shares that she decided her life would be much, much better.

Mind power

The above example proves how important it is for a human being to reprogram one’s mind to achieve and contribute to the betterment of fellow humans and the planet in general.

There are times when people have spurts of inspiration that makes them do certain things to better their situation. However, soon discontentment sets in and they are once again mired or lost in the ennui of daily life. And this boredom encroaches upon our entire life, be it career, health, family, relationship or our general sense of well-being.

But with so many life coaches, healers, gurus, mind coaches and even scientists repeating over and over that the trick is in reprogramming the mind, wouldn’t you want to give it a try? Wouldn’t you want to active that part of your brain that will help you redirect your energies and make you a beautiful version of nature’s creation? Wouldn’t you want to lead a life of fulfillment, joy, passion and bliss?

Well, then here’s the biggest key to achieving all that you want and probably more – your mind. Simply untap or unleash the hidden power of your mind and the world is all yours. Yes, just like all the successful people you have heard of or met, you too have the power to learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind.

As they say, it is not what you can do in life, but you will do that matters most. This brings us back to the example of Sonu Sood. While there were many good Samaritans that rose to the occasion during COVID times, Sonu Sood went on to the roads, coordinated with administration at various levels, gathered funds, and human resources to make the seemingly impossible possible.

Here’s one example from a local cricket coach who was behind the success of cricketers who later made it to the national team. Well, he stresses on the fact that it is all in the way the players reprogrammed their minds. Having read and researched the subject in-depth, the coach tried to put it to test on his students. The coach says he divided his team into two batches. One that practiced real hard for several weeks, which was eight weeks in this case, to get the maximum number of runs. But what is noteworthy is that the coach also had another batch which did not practice at all, but visualized through the day that they were actually making runs on the pitch.

As iffy as this may sound, the results were for all to see. The batch that visualized making the most runs did actually hit big numbers.

However, nothing comes easy in life and so is the case with reprogramming the mind. For the beginners and for those who still need a bit of a push and shove, here are some tips to help reprogram your mind to realise its fullest potential.

Focus and decide

As it is often said, where you focus is where energy goes. It is of utmost important to identify what you want and how you want it and communicate the same with the subconscious mind. While your brain receives information from one’s surroundings and passes the information to the subconscious mind. So, it’s time you stopped over-thinking and started focusing on your goals. It is very important to have clarity at this stage. The more details you put into what you want, the stronger and powerful your vision will become. This in turn creates a subconscious map giving the mind the right tools to turn your vision into reality.

Imagine a situation where nothing is going right at your office. As the argument progresses, you tend to focus on having an upper hand and winning. Instead of understanding the problem, you tend to look at the other person as an adversary.

So it’s pertinent to ask why you are arguing in the first place. All you look for is resolution in this matter, though you end up arguing. It is here that you can reprogram your brain to use its resources and produce that outcome in that moment.

Decide on what you want physically, emotionally, spiritually or in your business and personal life. Alongside, make a decision that you are not willing to settle for anything less and live the way you are living right now.

Strongly focus on what you want and begin reprogramming your brain.


The next step is to commit yourself to what you want. If you refrain from doing anything, then fear takes over and you remain where you are. Fears engulf you existence and stop you from moving forward. Tunnel vision of life is not going to take you anywhere.

Reprogramming your mind is to stop all that negative chatter in your brain. It helps you focus on what is needed and by starting small, taking one step at a time till it becomes a habit.
Once you commit and leave no chance for anything else, the true power of your subconscious mind unleashed.


Once you have resolved in your mind to make that difference, then understand where your current situations are taking you. Identify what is working and what is not. The whole idea is to remain flexible and find solutions to whatever may come your way.

Also, remember that 100% of what you want will not happen to you, at least instantaneously. The idea to get on to the path of success and experience the joy that comes with. Remember, as long as you are on the right path, then you are doing good.
Problems arise, but they become the necessary stepping stones to help you overcome failures. Failures are important to keep you on track and remind you of what not to do. Any roadblock becomes a pivot on which you place your success.
The road is never straight, one has to be flexible to learn from mistakes, embrace failure and use negativity as a driving force for change.
That is the mind power to resolve issues and get on to an easy, happy, path.

Hacks to reprogram your subconscious mind

a) Have an empowering belief system

Limiting beliefs sabotage your joy and sense of achievement. It is important to have empowering thoughts that will set you out on your life path and keep you relaxed, happy and centred. Consider this example: If you have had a string of broken or bad relationships, you could sabotage your chances by telling your subconscious mind that you do not deserve love. However, make the shift to ‘I deserve a healthy relationship with someone who loves me and I love.” This is going to bring a lot of positivity and love into your life.

b) Embrace uncertainty

Stop being certain about things. Remember we can take control of our actions and reactions. Embrace the beauty of uncertainty. When we give without anticipating anything in return, we live to the fullest and enjoy every moment.

c) Having gratitude helps

It is important to have gratitude for all things that happen in your life. Having gratitude tends to focus on what one has and slowly stop thinking of what one does not have. It helps one understand that life never remains the same and it is important to enjoy the good moments by forming happy memories.

d) Mind you environment

Your subconscious mind is influenced by a variety of factors. A lot of negative thoughts, negative people, circumstances and social media create a lot of negativity.
Remember proximity is power. Always surround yourself with happy people, happy thoughts, happy situations to the extent possible. Also seek out books, videos and people who will leave a positive mark on your life. You will notice that eventually negative thoughts will give way to positive thoughts.

e) Visualise

This is a powerful technique suggested by everyone who is into mind studies and the power of reprogramming one’s mind. While visualising one has to be very detailed and visualise exactly what one wants. It could be tricky if you visualise unwanted things and they happen to manifest in your life.

Spend a minimum of 10-15 minutes to graphically visualise what you want from life. This is bound to help your mind reprogram itself.

f) Biohack your mind

Biohacking to put it simply is all about experimenting and improving one’s health and wellness. It could mean using red light therapy for health, taking up intermittent fasting to help in weight loss, adding supplements to your diet to revitalise yourself. One of the most powerful biohacks is using music to reprogram the brain. Since our brainwaves respond differently to different types of music, music can induce certain feelings with right beats.

Binaural beats involve playing two different tones at different frequencies and it has been proven that the subconscious mind absorbs information better when one is in a relaxed state. Primarily, binaural beats trigger alpha brain waves.
Reprogramming one’s mind to happiness and success is the best way to work below the surface and remove roadblocks that hold human beings back.