Loving oneself

Veteran Business Astrologer™ cum Astro Strategist Hirav Shah wonders, “I am responsible for myself; I am responsible for you. I took a straw poll. I invite you to do the same. It’s very revealing. As you might imagine, the views span two broad points of view. One is the position of the self-help, inner-orientated people who think you must love yourself and hence be responsible for yourself before you can truly love or extend responsibility to another. The other is that through extending compassion and thereby responsibility to others, we can learn to love and take true responsibility for ourselves.

Are both or either of these points of view true? Can we extend compassion to others before we have learned to love ourselves? Can we learn to love ourselves through loving others? Could it be a merging of the two rather than an either/or situation? Can we both love ourselves and others at the same time as we work toward opening our hearts in ever more profound ways?

Dilemma And The Ego

Hirav Shah says, “Whenever you find yourself in a dilemma, an either/or, some conflict or mental confusion, please look into mind… look to mind. Look to mind because only the mind separates and divides, only the mind creates madness and conflict, only the mind leads to a dilemma. The mind is the dilemma; the mind is ego, the creation, the perpetuating, the process, and the delusion of ego is the mind. Hence when you find yourself stumped and confused amid some dilemma or another, your mind is the reason because your mind is the source of egoic delusion and ignorance.

Does responsibility begin with myself or with you? Do I learn to love through love, or do I learn to love before I can love? Strictly speaking, this dilemma has no basis, in truth, any more than any other dilemma… any other necessarily ego-generated dilemma… and all dilemmas are ego-generated. However, loving you or myself, taking responsibility for you or myself, while having no authentic basis in truth are important components of the structure, the egoic structure, which you and I have to dismantle in order not only to think or talk or begin to understand truth, but to live in truth, practically, authentically, and wholly.

Our Primary Responsibility: The Arising of Love

Hirav Shah explains, “The path is not the destination; the method does not equal the outcome, ways and means are not the completed task. When the field has been plowed, the plow is set to one side. In our journey to truth itself, we negotiate many wildernesses, endure many ordeals as we are put to the test. Everyone’s journey is unique, but we all share in common the straightforward confrontation with ourselves through all our layers of delusion and ignorance, fear and loathing, terror and desire, to achieve liberation and live in freedom.

Concluding this session

Hirav Shah says, “Therefore on the practical level, the modern-day mystic, the Gnostic, the inner worker, takes responsibility, first for him- or herself, and second for the other. This practical strategy toward healing and wholeness brings the primary responsibility back firmly to oneself.

The guiding principle is that we fill ourselves until we are overflowing, then compassion and truth flow from us impersonally. Without this impersonal, non-possessive relationship to love and compassion, there is always the danger of self-serving, marginalizing, and self-interest in the arising of our love.

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