Below mentioned is the weekly horoscope for entrepreneurs by Astro-Strategist and Business Astrologer™ Hirav Shah, which will help you progress and prosper in your business, career, family, love and health.

Aries Weekly Horoscope

Aries Career and Business Horoscope—Aries, you are on the upward spiral to being successful. But, great things didn’t happen to you overnight. Your confidence, courage and determination to get on the top have got you where you are today.

Aries Family and love Horoscope—As you get to spend time with your family, you may be relieved of all stress. Your parents will be in good mental health and things would be cordial among family members. This week may be an exceptional time for you to get to know your partner’s soft side.

Aries Health Horoscope – This will be an ordinary week in terms of health. Leg pain, flu, sore throats, emotional stress etc…are likely to happen, but all will subside in some time.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Career and Business Horoscope – Nothing is out of your reach. This is a week of sweet, sweet outcome. While enjoying the fruits of your past efforts, you are consistently working towards your long-term goals. Take a moment to smell the roses, Taurus.

Taurus Family and love Horoscope – With your spouse, take your time and have fun exploring each other. With your partner, try something fresh & experiment ! You are damn lucky that this week you will be showered with blessings from your parents and elders.

Taurus Health Horoscope—Meditation is the most calming activity available, which will assist you in balancing your focus while working on any project. Your immunity will be stronger, but you will be prone to heartburn and acne.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Gemini Career and Business Horoscope -This week, your career prospects will improve. You could get a better posting. You could also be moved to a better department at work. This week is likely to be a great time for you, when it comes to making money.

Gemini Family and love Horoscope—week, you’re being asked to go slow. Better take a more practical approach towards your romantic relationship. Even a quickie towarHoroscope—Thisds your family members or parents won’t do the job this time.

Gemini Health Horoscope—Due to long days at work, Gemini natives may get headaches regularly, which can contribute to their mental anxiety. If you don’t want to have gut problems, you should pay close attention to your eating timings and habits.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope


Cancer Career and Business Horoscope – On the career front, your week will be great. Some great news will come through, regarding your previously done work. There will be slight stress with a few colleagues as they might feel insecure or intimidated, but you will go out of your way to win them and their confidence with your humble nature.

Cancer Family and love Horoscope – As far as family matters are concerned, while everything seems normal on the surface, there could be underlying friction bothering you emotionally. If you’ve been waiting to ask a special one out for a coffee or dinner, this is the week to give it a shot.

Cancer Health Horoscope – Now is not the time to fret about what isn’t working out and take additional stress to make you ill and unhealthy. Now is the time to take complete charge of your health and lifestyle and life.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Career and Business Horoscope –On the job, learn something new every day–whether it’s how to improve your skill set or how to articulate better to keep up with the tough competition. If you can devote every moment to your job and enjoy it, nothing better than that.

Leo Family and love Horoscope – There may be some confusion in your romantic matters this week. Strange love dynamics may evolve from this. Family matters look absolutely great though.

Leo Health Horoscope – Dear Leo folks, this week you need to relax as your health will be stable. You will concentrate on physical activity which will help you get back your stamina and strengthen your immunity.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Career and Business Horoscope – This is a good week on the career front. You may get a salary raise. In order to finish an important project, you will have to burn your midnight oil.

Virgo Family and love Horoscope – A family event is on the cards, and you have to squeeze in time for the same. You will be lucky to receive blessings from your parents. Lovers will want to take their relationship to the next level.

Virgo Health Horoscope – Health matters look better. You will be calmer and happier. You will maintain your composure and not take excessive stress.

Libra Weekly Horoscope


Libra Career and Business Horoscope – On the career front, make sure you take out the time to plan your ideas. Make sure you seek advice from seniors who are more experienced. Randomly taking decisions and shooting ideas will backfire.

Libra Family and love Horoscope – Due to drama between others, your family life will be chaotic. Be better at listening and never over react. In love matters, you will discuss a possible future marriage idea with your partner.

Libra Health Horoscope – In order to enjoy a healthier state of being, you need to seriously consider making lifestyle changes. This week is auspicious and don’t waste any time please.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Career and Business Horoscope – On the career front, your week will be hectic. You need to delegate responsibilities better. Some clarity about stuck projects will come. You will also expand your team or hire new people.

Scorpio Family and love Horoscope – Due to minor friction from the past that hasn’t been cleared, family life will be stressful.
On the love front, your partner will reach out to you to check on your mental state.

Scorpio Health Horoscope – Dear Scorpio folks, your weekly health horoscope suggests this. With some sort of physical activity, you will bounce back. You will take advice from a dietician as well, regarding your regime.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Sagittarius Career and Business Horoscope – On the work front, your week will be slow initially but will pick up speed after an important meeting in the second half of the week. You will also be more trusting and delegative towards folks. Those looking for jobs will get some clarity this week.

Sagittarius Family and love Horoscope – You need to attend to your partner’s health. Don’t get irritated with your partner. Family life looks stable though, this week.

Sagittarius Health Horoscope – The Sag health horoscope for this week predicts that your health will be superb. Sleep will improve and will get deeper which will make you feel energized.

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


Capricorn Career and Business Horoscope – On the work front, your week will seem slower. There will be tension due to clients acting difficult. One of your colleagues will come to rescue you and give you a strategy on how to deal with work issues.

Capricorn Family and love Horoscope – Due to some ongoing stress at the workplace, your partner will be feeling low. You got to be with your partner to give him/her time. Family matters this week look wonderful.

Capricorn Health Horoscope – Dear Capricorn natives, according to your health horoscope for this week, your health will be sensitive due to eye related issues and headaches. Avoid too much straining of your eyes and cut down on your screen time.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aquarius Career and Business Horoscope – Professionally, your week will be overwhelming due to more duties coming your way. If you are looking at a modification in your job role, expect some clarity to come through. Time to be discreet about your future plans, this month.

Aquarius Family and love Horoscope – For investment-based advice, older family members will turn to you. For them, you will have to run some paperwork related errands. On the love front, you will be all over the place with many obligations to attend.

Aquarius Health Horoscope – The Aquarius health horoscope for this week suggests that your health will be great. It indeed is a good idea to get back to a physical activity. But don’t over-exert your lower back please.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Career and Business Horoscope – On the career front, your week will be stressful. Your colleagues will get on your nerves. Be tolerant with them. This week, you will make some financial investment decisions as well.

Pisces Family and love Horoscope – On the family front, there will be some ongoing tension with siblings due incorrect decisions they have made. Don’t make them feel guilty about it. Romantic life will take a back seat.

Pisces Health Horoscope – Dear Pisces native, your health horoscope for this week predicts that your health will remain sensitive due to fluctuating BP. Don’t skip meals because that will only worsen your condition.

Celebrity Birthdays Of The Week

October 31- Arjun Bijlani
November 1- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
November 2- Shah Rukh Khan
November 3- Monali Thakur
November 4- Tabu
November 5- Virat Kohli
November 6- Yashwant Sinha

Weekly Horoscope FAQs

What is the birthplace of Virat Kohli?

New Delhi

Who is the spouse of Virat Kohli?

Anushka Sharma

What is Yashwant Sinha’s DOB?

6 November 1937

Who is Tabu’s zodiac sign?


What is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s latest release?

Ponniyin Selvan: I

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