Pisces (February 19 and March 20) are known as the most creative of all the zodiac signs. They are known for their creativity in everyday life, and have a great ability to adapt to new and different environments. With a strong imagination and an openness to new ideas, they will explore many career opportunities that many zodiacs would overlook.

Which Jobs Suit Them & How They Function In A Business Environment.

1. Good As A Health Educator & Physical Therapist – A Health Educator not only teaches people about activities that promote health and wellbeing, but they also ensure optimal mental health, something which is largely overlooked. This role is rewarding, inspiring and not to mention one that is good for both the mind and body. And, Pisces can make wonderful health educators.

They also make great physical therapists.
Physical therapy is a hands-on and rewarding career, often assisting patients on muscle rehabilitation, and the re-introduction to exercise following physical trauma.

Physical Therapists must have patience and compassion, both of which are found readily available within the Pisces. Being adaptable to a patient’s response to physical therapy means you are never sure what to expect during each session and as the Pisces zodiac have a great approach to being flexible, you know you will be in a safe pair of hands.

2.Good At Sales- It’s not all about sales, it is about providing value when you are in the position of the salesperson.

Here you will help customers by informing them of sales opportunities and promotions whilst providing excellent customer service. The great thing about this is that as a Pisces you are well equipped for all of this, you will thrive in making new customers make guided purchases and ensure repeat business.

Helping people is the core element of this role and each day a variety of new opportunities will present itself in the form of new customers, that way leaving you enjoying the diversity of the salesperson role

3. Good As A Marketing Associate- A role for the Pisces to flex their creative and strategic mind, as a Marketing Associate, you will find yourself helping companies shape, define and advance the image of their organisation. This is achieved through clear communication across campaigns and innovative content all in an attempt to retain existing customers whilst enticing new audience members. So if you are keen to push your creative side, then this role is a great fit for the corporate Pisces.

4. Good As A Recruiter- Recruiters require an acute skill of identifying if others are effective in their work in order to place them in the right job position, so as a Pisces your natural self awareness will feel very comfortable at spotting opportunities here. Part of the role involves interviewing candidates, whilst making hiring recommendations, and assisting in career assessments.

Being positioned between both client and potential candidates is a position requiring great communication from the recruiter, one the Pisces should truly relish.

5. Wonderful As A Visual Manager- A Visual Manager or visual display manager will decide on the look of a store interior or what an office headquarters may look like. Work can range from initial research, marketing ideas and strategy through to creative displays in-store.

All of which is to drive customers in store, so strong creativity is needed to capture the attention of potential customers and as Pisces, these artistic skills are readily available to call upon.

Do you make an outstanding team or will working together be a real pain?

Working with pisces, taurus and cancer as colleagues, bosses, and partners can never be a pain, but can really be profitable and productive, Says Eminent Business Astrologer™ Hirav Shah.

1.Compatibility of Pisces with Cancer

Pisces and cancer compatibility relies on their ability to draw strength from one another’s opposite natures.This is an extremely pleasant work partnership, with a few notable exceptions.

Because Crabs are just as sensitive as Pisces are, they understand Pisces’ need for an office environment that is nurturing, caring, and supportive. Pisces understands cancer’s need for praise and encouragement, never failing to lavish, both upon this extremely capable colleague.

Similarly, Pisces’ unorthodox methods will conflict with cancer’s traditional ways. Still, Pisces can always smooth over the differences over a leisurely lunch. It would be wise to take the Crab’s advice with regard to financial matters — this colleague is a whiz at making and saving money.

Pisces can return the favor by encouraging cautious cancer to develop their creative side. Since the both are nurturers, they can run a successful elder care facility or clinic or hospital.

2.Compatibility of Pisces with Taurus

Taurus can be sensitive, as can Pisces. So even though it may sound counter-intuitive, these two can really get along at work and find mutual respect for one another.

Ruled by the element of Earth, Taurus needs to feel like it’s building toward something in the future. On the other hand, Pisces wants to feel part of something bigger and more meaningful in their careers, due to its water ruler. Together, these two signs can create beautiful and long-lasting harmony on the job, and help one another achieve all their career goals.

3.Compatibility of Pisces with Pisces

Pisces compatibility with Pisces can have a fantastic future that is filled with growth and progress. On the career front, Pisces needs something that will have greater meaning, and connect them to people’s feelings.

They’re very creative, requiring jobs that will stimulate them and allow them to express themselves in this way. When they’re paired with another Pisces native on the job, amazing ideas begin to flow. Both respect one another and would never compromise what they’re creating for individual gain. Success comes when this creative output takes shape in a way no one has ever seen before. Pisces is always grateful for the experience, and may find themselves with a brand new friend.

Physiotherapist, Psychologist, Artist, Philanthropist, Therapist are some other professions which suits Pisces to the “T” and they can perform exceptionally well, Tells Hirav Shah, Prolific Astro-Strategist.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes mislabeled as “dreamy” or “spacey”, Pisces is vastly empathetic and possesses eerily accurate instincts. Most often they are driven by their respect for something’s value or mission rather than the potential financial or personal gain. Their optimism inspires others, mostly…

But, just know that if they don’t like you, they won’t hide it…Concludes Hirav Shah.

Who Is Hirav Shah: Hirav Shah is India’s Top Astro-Strategist Cum Business Astrologer™.

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