Libras (Sep 23-Oct 22) are often stereotyped as the head-in-the-clouds, luxury-seeking loungers of the zodiac.

The truth?

Libra seeks beauty and harmony but also knows that everyone deserves happiness. It makes sense that Libra is depicted as the scales of justice.

Libra believes in peace and justice for all.

We repeat: justice for all, Avers Renowned Business Astrologer™ Hirav Shah.

Everyone. No exceptions. Libras are also known for their keen social skills and ability to socialize with anyone. This is that effusive combination of Venus and the air element.

Hirav Shah outlines, how Libras think, act, function and operate at work / business

The ideal work environment for a Libra is harmonious, clean, and aesthetically pleasing. Libras are ruled by Venus, and love to embody refinement, beauty, and diplomacy in all they do.

This sign thrives in good company culture, and they often want to have a hand in creating it. Libras are socially savvy and can read people quickly—they’re great at evaluating partnerships in business, friendship, and beyond.

Symbolized by the scales, Libras engage in complementary and balanced relationships, and they are willing to negotiate to ensure terms are fair. They can be skilled managers of creative teams.

Libras aim to please; however, if they feel that their gracious demeanor is being exploited in some way, you can expect them to quickly right that imbalance, engaging in confrontation if needed to restore equilibrium.

Don’t underestimate a Libra’s ambition or their competitive streak. When it comes to office hierarchy, a Libra responds best when roles are clearly established from the start, Opines Hirav Shah.

Libra’s Best Compatibility With Other Signs

1.Compatibility of Libra with Capricorn

As co-workers they can certainly yield good results.

When the diplomatic Libra and responsible Capricorn meet, Libra can be sure, this is the perfect blend of ethics and obligation. Sometimes, these signs together can burn each other out so to speak, however, this can be avoided by taking the time to socialize and remember that, life does not begin and end in the work room.

If Capricorn serves as the employer, still this combo can work very well for sure.
Libra’s Capricorn boss will be looking for obedience and complete compliance, however with Libra’s balanced fairness, he can be sure to loosen up even the most rigid of Capricorn. Libra has to offer his services in helping to keep the balance in the workplace and meet all deadlines and goals in a timely manner.

2.Compatibility of Libra with Gemini

Libra and Gemini coworker partnership often goes great guns.

This is a great team for ideas and goals. A Gemini colleague can be sure to balance Libra’s thoughts with their own great perspective. Air elements create a great partnership here, and the balance is wonderful in a work environment.

When Gemini becomes the boss in a business, there are even more chances of productivity. When 2 air signs find themselves in a position of employee/employer, you can bet that Libra and his Gemini boss can get projects done with flair and harmony .

3. Compatibility of Libra with Sagittarius

Libra and Sagittarius form a harmonious aspect on the Zodiac wheel, meaning that they get along well at work.In fact, since Libra is so focused on partnerships and mutual benefits for all that they may find a happy business relationship with Sagittarius.

Both have great work skills, Libra with their ease and sociability and Sagittarius with their natural gregariousness. These two can find great success by combining forces and choosing projects that have deeper meaning for Sagittarius and provide peace and harmony for Libra. When they combine forces, the sky’s the limit !

Final Thoughts

Libras are great for the workplace. They try to get along and make compromises that keep everyone happy! Group projects, large meetings, and creative endeavors never faze Libra.

Only these above-mentioned zodiac signs will appreciate your laid-back (and sometimes indecisive) work personality…rest won’t appreciate.

But, it’s okay, they don’t need to.There is an x-factor, that Libras carry and nobody else does and that is excellently “noticing injustices“, Hirav Shah Concludes…

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