Healthy food choices have a lot of physical and mental health benefits, says famous business Astro Hirav Shah.

To provide more comprehensive information regarding healthy food choices, Hirav Shah suggests a few best and must to be followed consumption categories.

1. Oysters

Being aphrodisiacs, Oysters are rich in vitamin B12 which helps to protect the brain cells as a shield.

Oysters also contain zinc and a whopping amount of omega-3 fatty acids which help the boosting source for the brain. Due to the packed healthy ingredients in Oysters, it helps the brain to think and make decisions on a quick note.

2. Blue Potatoes

The skin of Blue Potatoes contains vitamin C which has a lot of iodine and helps to protect the human brain’s fat.

The C vitamin in the skin of Blue Potatoes helps to smooth thyroid function in the body, says Hirav Shah.

If Blue Potatoes are taken on a regular basis, it generates healthy carbs and due to proper thyroid function, one can keep a check to weight gain issues clarifies Hirav Shah.

3. Anchovies

Being a rich source of DHA ( Docosahexaenoic acid)which supplies required omega-3 fat to the brain, Anchovies helps the brain to release hormones that will effectively fight against harmful inflammation.

Anchovies also help to protect brain cells during tense situations and bail out from stress-related issues.

One can consume less quantity of Anchovies too by using them as a drizzle on salads, says Hirav Shah.

4. Purple Cauliflower

Neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine will be produced from Blue Cauliflower which helps to keep the brain and body maintain normal condition.

Filled with full of vitamin B6 and folate, Blue Cauliflower even improves the sex-drive, develops memory power in the body, says business Astrologer Hirav Shah.

Blue Cauliflower helps to increase the serotonin contained in the depressed patients and the purple color helps to reduce inflammation in the brain structure.

5. Red Beans

According to Hirav Shah’s study, Red Beans are rich in antioxidant food. In fact, the antioxidant level in Red Beans is much higher than blueberries.

The neurotransmitters and amino acids in Red Beans release protein content required for the body.

Iron deficiency and brain disorder problems in the body can be sorted out by the intake of Red Beans.

6. Beets

Due to the presence of betaine in Beets, the neurotransmitters in the body will maintain an equal balance.

Packed with magnesium and uridine substance, Beets helps to repair the digestive system of the body.

7. Sweet Potatoes

Compared to carrots, Sweet Potatoes have more beta-carotene substance due to which the risk of dementia can be reduced.

Adding to it, the presence of BY vitamin in Sweet Potatoes helps to reduce mood disorders in humans, says Hirav Shah

8. Full-fat yoghurt

If you have a Greek yoghurt appetite, here comes something really interesting for you from Hirav Shah.

According to his study, yoghurt helps as a healthy dose of probiotics and also shown to reduce the anxiety levels in the body.

You can also intake the low-fat version of yoghurt which acts as healthy brain boosters which are usually produced from grass-fed sources, says Hirav Shah.

To conclude, Business Astrologer™ and Astro strategist Hirav Shah suggests to practise the above-mentioned healthy food choices to lead a happy and joyful life further.