Due to a widespread internet facility and availability of social media, awareness on health and food habits has been witnessing good growth among the public and is also making them try some healthy food recipes. Instead of just taking some kind of snacks, people are making sure that it is filled with rich proteins and nutrients, says reputed business Astrologer and Astro strategist Hirav Shah. It is a well-known fact, Good food fixes a bad mood.

After going through a wide variety of snack recipes, Hirav Shah has shortlisted a few healthy snack ideas for the viewers.

Healthy Snack tips

A) Apple

It is a well-known proverb that ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” and there is a reason for saying it. This low-calorie snack is packed with fiber to keep you full, carbohydrates to keep you energetic, and has tons of nutrients.

Serving Size: 1 medium apple
Protein: 0g
Calories: 80
Sugar: 16g

B) Apple Slices with Almond Butter

An ordinary apple can turn extraordinary with Barney’s Almond Butter. Their almonds are blanched before grinding for creamy smooth spreadability, and exceptionally awesome flavor.

Ingredients: 1 medium apple
2 tablespoons Barney’s Almond Butter

Serving Size: 1 apple and 2tbs almond butter

Protein: 6g
Calories: 260
Sugar: 19g

C) Nacho Popcorn

When crunchy, cheesy chips are calling you to the vending machine, pull out your own stash of hearty nacho flavor with this homemade popcorn, then flavor it with spices like chilli powder and garlic salt. One cup of Popcorn contains 98 calories, 8gms of fat and 1gm of protein.

D) Hard-Boiled Eggs

It is a widely known fact that eggs are loaded with fill-you-up protein and nutrients to keep you going all morning, and they do serve as a great snack also. One hard-boiled egg has 78 calories, 5gms of fat and 6gms of protein.

E) Honey Apple Toast Recipe

All you need is whole grain bread, part-skim ricotta cheese, a thinly sliced apple, and a little bit of honey to assemble this scrumptious, open-faced snack sandwich treat that includes protein (from the cheese) and vitamins help as a great snack.

The preparation is a quick, simple process and serves as a healthy snack with the flavors of apple cheesecake.

F) Applesauce Bread

Applesauce bread is a healthy snack option and consists of wheat flour and oats. Applesauce, cinnamon, nutmeg, and walnuts give the snack a wonderful seasonal flavor. This recipe also freezes well, so you can make a few loaves at once.

G) Banana Oatmeal Muffins

These muffins are full of nutrition and help as a boost of energy. Bananas are high in fiber and potassium while oats are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber as well, making these muffins beneficial to the digestive system as well as promoting a healthy heart.

H) Chicken Omelette

Chicken adds a meaty component to an omelette without the high fat of pork products such as bacon, sausage, and ham. This chicken omelette, with nutty Gruyere cheese and spinach, can be served as a light snack.

I) Easy Tofu Scramble Recipe

Tofu scramble is a popular vegan snack dish that has a similar texture to scrambled eggs. This healthy snack recipe calls for onions and green bell peppers, but you can add even more nutrients by tossing in extra vegetables, such as spinach, mushrooms, and green onions. This tofu scramble tastes great and is a healthy snack to eat.


Eating good food added with healthy ingredients brings new energy and relaxes our body. Among a wide variety of healthy snack recipes are available on the internet nowadays, noted Astro and business strategist Hirav Shah suggest to try the above mentioned quick and healthy snack items which help the body system in many ways.