An absolute rag to riches story – Mahendra Singh Dhoni was born and raised in a very small town of Ranchi. In his entire personal and professional career, he faced and overcame a huge number of obstacles and challenges such as poverty, corruption, unfair opportunities, peer and family pressure. However with courage, determination and focus on his goals, he became the Dhoni that we know today.

MS Dhoni Birth Date

Mahendra Singh Dhoni (born 7 July 1981, currently in his 40th year), is a former Indian International Cricketer who captained the Indian national team in limited-overs formats from 2007 to 2017 and in Test cricket from 2008 to 2014. Under his captaincy, India won the inaugural 2007 ICC World Twenty20, the 2010 and 2016 Asia Cups, the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy. A right-handed middle-order batsman and wicket-keeper, Dhoni is one of the highest run scorers in One Day Internationals (ODIs) with more than 10,000 runs scored and is considered an effective “finisher” in limited-overs formats. He was also the first wicket-keeper to effect 100 stumpings in ODI cricket.

Zodiac Sign Of Dhoni & His Birth Details

MS Dhoni, Indian International Cricketer is born with Virgo Ascendant and he is widely regarded as one of the greatest wicket-keeper batsmen and captains in the history of the game.

Credit for his extraordinary success that he must have gotten from birth, goes to him alone- Says Hirav Shah, Noted Sports Astrologer and Astro-Business Strategist.

Birth Date: July 07, 1981,
Birth Time: 11.45.00,
Birth Day: Tuesday,
Birth Place: Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

Early Life

Dhoni started his career as a ticket collector and with utmost grit and commitment proved to become one of the legends of international cricket. Dhoni idolized Sachin Tendulkar throughout his life and cricketing career and ensured that he worked hard to achieve his goals and ultimately be able to lead his idol as a captain.

Since his extravagant debut in international cricket where he announced his arrival with a tremendous ton, Dhoni has broken several records and his cricketing numbers prove his masterclass. He is widely renowned as the most successful captain of Indian cricket with all kinds of international awards under his name, Says Hirav Shah.


Dhoni is known for his stellar cricketing performance, captainship and cool composure on and off the field. He contributed his captainship in the cricket of limited-overs formats for the year 2007-2016 and for Test cricket in the year 2008-2014. His spotlight in cricket is mainly due to his ability as a great finisher in limited overs cricket and as one of the finest wicket-keepers in world cricket. Besides, he is hailed as one of the best batsmen (right-handed middle-order), captains and a really cool human being.

Dhoni is one of the fewest cricketers in the world who rose from scratch to spotlight through hard work, dedication and strong will-power. He played for Central CoalFields Limited (CCL) team in 1998 and carved out a brilliant performance that set his entry to Ranchi team, junior Bihar cricket team and later to senior Bihar Ranji Team thereafter landing him in Bihar U-19 squad.

Dhoni’s first ODI career started off after his selection for Bangladesh tour in 2004/05. Even with average performance, Dhoni was selected for Pakistan ODI series, the time which unfurled a new era of MS Dhoni aka Mahi.

Mahi is one of the highest run scorers in ODIs with more than 10,000 runs, and was also the first wicket-keeper to effect a ton of stumpings in ODI cricket.

The above figures are just an introduction to the legend’s contribution to cricket. His ability to lead has been emphasized and admired by cricketers around the world. His ability to handle pressure situations with the utmost calm and the capability to deliver at the most crucial situations make him the most reliable finisher in the game.

In addition to his exceptional batting skills, he is arguably the best wicket-keeper in the world – faster than all. He is also an epitome of focus and presence of mind and is a source of inspiration and admiration for the younger generation.

MS Dhoni has been one of the biggest assets to the game of cricket and his contribution to Indian cricket has been absolutely immense. His ability to understand his body and commitments well led to his retirement from international cricket on 15th August 2020. He has created a brilliant legacy in the form of leading and creating a team of young players to prove their worth in cricket. He will always be remembered as the small-town boy who did wonders in the field of cricket.

Besides runs and wickets, Dhoni also scored several honorary awards, including ICC ODI Player of the Year: 2008, 2009, LG People’s Choice Award: 2013, Padma Shri in 2009, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna in 2007–08, Honorary doctorate degree by De Montfort University, and Padma Bhushan in 2018.

M S Dhoni Horoscope

What makes him a legend and one of the most successful captains in World Cricket?

What makes him so blessed and fortunate?

What makes Mahi so lucky?

Well, Just Hang On…

That’s what,Top Sports & Business Astrologer, Hirav Shah has penned down below.

Virgo is a dual nature earth sign, ruled by Mercury. The sixth sign of the Zodiac—is represented by a Virgin. Virgo is the only sign symbolized by a female, in the entire Zodiac calendar. Innocent and unpolluted, a Virgin is viewed as the symbol of ultimate in purity by society. All these are also the qualities that are associated with the people born with Virgo Ascendant. The native is down-to-earth and easy-going and tends to be calculated and diplomatic in demanding situations, more so because of his steadying element – Earth. Native is Diligent, and painstakingly neat and tidy, usually a modest person.

Ruler of the Ascendant Mercury is in its own other sign Gemini along with mighty Sun. Both are positioned in the tenth house. This position supports “Budhaditya” yoga.

This leads to climbing up the ladder in career. Moon is in Virgo along with wily Saturn and benevolent Jupiter and positioned in the first house. This leads to reaching heights on career front and financial front. MS Dhoni, Indian international cricketer has accumulated much wealth and possesses a good number of Bikes and luxurious cars as well.

Being ruler of the third and the eighth house, Mars is in a fixed nature earth sign Taurus and stationed in the ninth house, linked with luck, fortune in general. MS Dhoni, Indian international cricketer has visited foreign countries in his career linked with cricket.

He inclines to take well calculated risk to push ahead his prospects in general. Ruler of the second and the ninth house, Venus is in a water sign Cancer along with Rahu and stationed in the eleventh house. Malefic Ketu is in Capricorn and posited in the fifth house.In Bhav Chalit Kundali , Moon shifts into the 12th house and Mercury shifts in the ninth house.In Navmansha D9 chart, Sun on getting exalted gains strength. Jupiter being in its own sign Pisces gathers strength.

Bottomline is, Muntha is in a good position.

Muntha is the progressed ascendant that travels one Rasi or Sign per year beginning from the birth-ascendant at birth.

Well, in 2021, M S Dhoni‘s intelligence will help him earn accolades from various quarters of life. Dhoni might shine brightly in profession and business. Birth of a child in the family will bring happiness and joy for him. This period is characterized by wisdom and religious learning for him. Dhoni will pay a visit to the religious places or the places of recreation. Last but not the least, he will gain accolades, honour and appreciation from the boards, government and the higher authorities, Predicts Hirav Shah.

Final Thoughts

There are a few things that can be picked up from MS Dhoni. His timing and horoscope can’t be picked up but his other attributes can be imbibed, which will help you beat all obstacles in life and business to be a winner, Says Shah.

  • You will have to keep following and be persistent with your dreams.
  • No matter what working towards your goal should only be your sole aim.
  • You will have to look beyond complexities and small obstacles that may interfere in your life.
  • Before letting others trust you, you must be able to trust your own skills.
  • Also, others can be only confident of you if you are confident in yourself.
  • Understand what is the most important thing to you, and then keep focusing on it until you achieve the same.
  • Look at the bigger and brighter side of the scenario.

The Mahendra Singh Dhoni success story is a testimony to the fact that, if you can channelise your energies into one specific job or goal or task or a thing, and if you can take on any challenge with confidence, then nobody can stop you from being ” the unstoppable“, Concludes Hirav Shah.

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