Explore & Transform the story of your Life,
with Personal Astrology

Explore & Transform the story of your Life, with Personal Astrology

Astro science is used to study the birth charts, effect of planetary movements or lunar transitions on various aspects of a person’s life. It combines the knowledge of Vedic Astrology and Numerology.

Personal Astrology is your perfect guide to achieve the milestones of your life. Talk to the accomplished Astrologer Hirav Shah, about your life situations or doubts and gain the right perspective and insight to solve the issues at hand as well as to motivate you out of despair.

“Obstacles are like Walls.
You don’t always have to break them.
Astrology can find your walls and show you how to go around them to reach your GOAL.”

One phone call can relieve your Tension.
One Response can show you the Way.
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 Receive your personal horoscope report or Discuss a problem at 1000 USD / INR 70,000 each.

Life Aspects answered with Personal Astrology…

1. Marriage

Personalized horoscopes can help with the delay as well as guide the family to the best prospects and the right time for marriage.

2. Career

Predicting the major events in your career and advice on how to identify and solve the issues with them. Astrology can reveal which career prospect will be best for you and how far you will progress.

3. Finance

Professional guidance for financial planning, achieving stability and getting the knowledge of what is in store for you in the coming months.

4. Business

Get consumers to your business, get ahead of competition, avoid obstacles and utilize your resources in the best possible way with a personalized astrology report.

5. Family & Relationships

Remedy your family problems, relationship issues and understand the root cause to remove it. Get the answers to your questions on compatibility and the future.

6. Kids

Understand your children better, secure their future, finances and nourish your parent-child relationship. Find out what the future holds for them, whether they will go abroad, where they will study, when they will get married etc

7. Childbirth

Get prediction on when you will conceive and how to take care of any issues you might face during pregnancy. Remove the hurdles to getting blessed with a child.

Benefits Of Talking To Hirav Shah

● Identify your strengths and weaknesses in any aspect of your life
● Get the best solutions to any problems in your love life, marriage, career, business or personal life
● Gain the right direction of growth
● Remedy of root causes rather than only relief
● Boost your confidence and get motivated towards life
● Understand your personality, talents and potential better
● Take decisions that work in your favour
● Modify your behaviour to achieve success
● Live a Peaceful, Confident and Stress Free life

Pursue your dreams with Certainty of Success,
Discuss your issues with Hirav Shah

HIRAV SHAH will be in touch ASAP to schedule a time to chat.

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