Astrology Consulting for Education Business

Why are the Educators and Investors in the Sector Struggling for survival?

Can Astrology help?

Education sector

Why are the Educators and Investors in the Sector Struggling for survival?

Can Astrology help?

Education is a process of living as well as a preparation for a bright future.
It is important for the social and economic development of the country and the individual
Then why are the Educators and Investors in the Sector Struggling for survival?
What can be done to battle out of this deep end?
Can Astrology help?


Market size of Education System

The Indian Education sector is one of the largest with more than 1.4 million schools and more than 850 universities and 40,000 higher education institutes. India is also bustling with the world’s largest population in the age group of 3 to 23 years which is the target market for the sector.

Indian Education Sector-Segmentation

Education sector is one of the most promising sectors in the field of business. When a person plans to invest in educational sector they look for the following segments to have a stable outcome of their investment:

● Indian Education Sector
● Public Sector
● Private Sector
● Formal
● Non-formal
● Schools
● Preschools
● Higher education institutes
● Coaching classes
● Vocational institutes
● Schools
● Higher education institutes
● Government funded institutes

Coaching Classes and Vocational Institutes

  • Higher competition for professional and vocational courses
  • Private schools rapidly adopting technology based teaching solutions
  • The government’s increased emphasis on providing computer education in schools through special programs

Coaching Classes
This segment witnesses high growth in the medium term. The market size of the Indian coaching classes segment stood at approximately Rs. 2,170 bn in FY17 and is predicted to grow at a CAGR of over 13% over the subsequent three years to reach Rs 3,150 bn.

Education Franchise Business in India

With a well-known brand name and established procedures, from pre-school business opportunities to a test preparation business, education franchises truly are a rewarding career move for anyone who has ever wanted to be their own boss.

Core Values for Education Business

KNOWLEDGE and EXPERTISE are the core values in this business and often become the reason people follow us as an influencer.

Apart from these two, here are some other inherent values:
ENTHUSIASM, AUTHENTICITY AND TRUST (CARE) play a major role in the Education Industry.

How to increase Enthusiasm?
-By altering how you look at your goals.
-How do you look at where you’re going?
-How do you look at the impact you want to make on the world?
-What kind of people do you wish to reach out to?

Most people think about these things everyday. They keep inspiring and living enthusiastically.

But how does that translate in the education business?
When you or your institute teach and impart learning, people can feel inspired and live the same experience.
“The whole purpose of education is to
turn mirrors into windows”

You should strive to be authentic, and people should be able to trust you and your University/Institute/College/Online course.

Everyone wants to continue to grow, because when you grow, you set an example for your students. You set an example for the people on your team. These are things that light you up, and guess what?

Lead you to a HERO’S Journey

This is important, because people want to know why they should trust you.

-Why are you the expert?
-What made it possible for you to reach here?
-What was your motivation?
People always want to know, why did you start your company?
-Why are you a top influencer?
-Why are you starting this business?
-What is it that you do?
-How did you get so good at teaching or private coaching ?
What drives you? It’s like, subconsciously, people want to know, how did you get so good? They know you’re good, They heard you’re good, but what is the reason behind it? This is the epiphany, the transformational story. This is the hero’s journey.
People are willing to cut really big checks for you to share that information, and at the same time, you feel alive when you’re sharing it.

Challenges to the Education system

Numerous challenges to the education system have made it quite unpredictable and difficult for investors to put more funds in or stay invested for a long period of time. Some of these challenges include:

Challenges to the Education system

1. Difficult to find projection of next academic year students,
2. To increase positive environment in the campus
3. To increase students performance
4. Marketing and Sales Strategies
5. Inadequate, Improper distribution of Funds or the Lack of it
6. Expensive higher education
7. Problem of Brain drain
8. Mass illiteracy
9. Wastage of resources
10. General education oriented
11. Problems of primary education

In life, when you have CLARITY on where you want to go and Guidelines on the CHANCES of REACHING there, things get less confusing.

Astrology is the one tool you can utilise to get CLARITY on identifying your ideal clients, Marketing strategies, Advertising Strategies, Sales Strategies, Forecasting of students numbers in advance etc.

“Nothing lasts forever but the Certainty of Change”

Just imagine if you get to know in ADVANCE – the numbers of students that will enroll in the next academic year. Wouldn’t it be amazingly helpful for you? You can adjust your mindset easily and accordingly to make strategies and take actions. Astrology is a superb tool. Isn’t it? You can utilise this tool to increase certainty of many things.

That’s what the job of an Astro-Strategist for the Education Industry is!

“Running a business well, is knowing how & when it’s time to make a profit”

In what areas can Educators and Training Industry personnel get analysis with the use of Astrology ?

1. For Balancing the structure of the Education Company/Trust/University/Coaching Institute/Franchisee/E-learning
2. To forecast student enrollment for next academic year
3. To increase student performance in private institute
4. How to increase students in private training institutes with the help of Astrology for Education Company/Trust/University/E-learning /Coaching Institute/Franchisee etc
5. ReBranding for Education Company/Trust/University/E-learning/Coaching Institute/Franchisee etc
6. To make sales strategies for Education Company/Trust/University/E-learning/Coaching Institute/Franchisee
7. To make marketing strategies for Education Company/Trust/University/E-learning/Coaching Institute/Franchisee
8. To make advertising strategies for Education Company/Trust/University/E-learning/Coaching Institute/Franchisee
9. Image building process for Education Company/Trust/University/E-learning/Coaching Institute/Franchisee
10. Acquisition possibility and benefits for Education Company/Trust/University/E-learning/Coaching Institute/Franchisee
11. Merger possibilities and benefits for Education Company/Trust/University/E-learning/Coaching Institute/Franchisee
12. To predict new education trends
13. For hiring effective faculty and staff for Education Company/E-learning/Trust/University/Coaching Institute/Franchisee
14. For creating a positive environment in the campus
15. For ensuring healthy relations between students and teachers
16. For deciding fees of students for Education Company/E-learning/Trust/University/Coaching Institute/Franchisee
17. Launching of new project
18. To get a second opinion for any education project whether it is viable or not and how to go about the same.
19. To grow from a local training institute to a National level institute.

“Give me 6 months of your life and feel the difference”
Hirav Shah

The Clarity Equals Bigger Future.

Will Hirav Shah tell me project finances and worthiness with timeline in advance?

Answer is  definite yes

Why Business Astrologer and Astro-Strategist Hirav Shah for your Training Industry?

Mr. Hirav Shah was a university and national chess player and a qualified national player for volleyball. His graduation is in electronics engineering. This mix of knowledge in sports, engineering and astrological science helps him prepare high level strategies that give fruitful results in business.

Hirav Shah finds out the exact problems your educational institute, School, College, University, Tuition class or E-learning portal is facing and aligns them by analyzing overall positions of the planet in different houses. He explains to you the reasons for your downs/failures as well as how to overcome them.

Currently Hirav is working with India’s leading Universities, Colleges, Private Training Institutes, E-commerce based Online Education system etc mainly from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Calcutta, etc for their existing and new projects. He helps them out to increase certainty and to make strategies.

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In life, when you have CLARITY on where you want to go and Guidelines on what are the CHANCES of REACHING there, things get less confusing.

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Education Sector

Education INDUSTRY
Why are the Educators and Investors in the Sector Struggling for survival?
Can Astrology help?

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