What’s in Store for Kate Mara in 2021?

Kate Rooney Mara, born February 27, 1983, is an American actress. She is known for work in television, playing reporter Zoe Barnes in the Netflix political drama House of Cards (2013–2014; 2016), computer analyst Shari Rothenberg in the Fox thriller series 24 (2006),...

Birthday Predictions: Pepe

Kepler Laveran de Lima Ferreira ComM (born 26 February 1983), known as Pepe is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a center-back and captains Portuguese club Porto and the Portugal national team. Pepe’s birth number is 2+6= 8 which is ruled by...

Catch Hirav Shah

Catch Hirav Shah in person at Hotel Courtyard Marriott, Ahmedabad | Feb 27, 28, 2021
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to schedule a meeting with the Astro-business strategist Hirav Shah.

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