When planning to open a bar, cafe, or restaurant, the owner of the business should think not only about the menu. In addition to eating, visitors come to have a good time and the interior design should be thought out to the smallest detail. This even applies to fast-food restaurants, where guests drop in for a short time. But the pleasant atmosphere will make them come back next time and bring colleagues or friends.

Design project

Celebrated Astro Strategist™ cum Hotel Business Astrologer™ Hirav Shah says, “The restaurant design project needs to be thought out to the smallest detail. It is best to entrust this matter to an expert. He will take into account the peculiarities of visual perception, will help determine the choice of style and color. The designer will think over the arrangement of furniture in the hall, convenient for visitors and waiters. Will plan where to place appliances in the bar and in the kitchen so that the bartender and chefs can do their work more efficiently.”

Hirav adds, “To develop drawings and think over the concept of the interior, the designer goes through several stages:

Collection of information. The designer makes note of the architecture and the existing layout of the premises. He conducts interviews with the owners, during which he finds out the type of restaurant, what customers the owners want to attract, and what premises need to be included in the project. Defines style and color preferences.

Development of a technical assignment, which spells out all the wishes and architectural features.”

Hirav Shah says, “After that, the designer presents’ visualization – several interior options in sketches, collages, and/or 3D projects. Sometimes it is first proposed to choose a general concept, and then the best one according to the customer’s opinion is developed in detail.

In addition to the detailed development of the visual part of the project, a package of drawings is compiled for the design project, which is then used by the repair and construction team. Also, the designer makes estimates for the purchase of materials and furnishings.

According to celebrated Astro Strategist™ cum Hotel Business Astrologer™ Hirav Shah, these are the 5 Design Tips To Make Your Restaurant Stand Out.


The design of the facade depends on the general concept of the establishment. Signage, doors, showcases should match the interior and attract attention. Ideally, a menu is set at the entrance so that passers-by can immediately understand the restaurant’s pricing policy and the composition of the dishes.

Automatic sliding doors are ideal for an entrance recessed into the building’s staircase. Otherwise, people passing by will turn the mechanism. When choosing ordinary doors, make sure that the structure is as light as possible and does not force you to exert effort. Often, in order to keep the room warm, the entrance group is made up of two consecutive doors. The area between them should be quite spacious. To achieve this, make sure the front door opens onto the street, and the inside door opens into the hall.


The front desk is a must in large restaurants, where reservations are often made. Don’t forget that this part of the restaurant should match the whole concept. It is in charge of the first impression. Guests should see the greeter, and the administrator should feel comfortable at the workplace. At the reception, there should be a telephone, a notebook for notes, a menu, and a computer if needed. The accessories necessary for work should be hidden from the eyes of the guests.


A must-have room for any restaurant, even a small one.

Ideally, the restroom should be located so that visitors can get to it without attracting attention.

The design and cleanliness of the bathroom are always remembered by the guests of the restaurant, and you should not be negligent in the design of this place. It is very important that there is always enough paper and soap. In addition, choose a good quality hand dryer to make your guests even more comfortable.

In addition to the beauty and convenience for visitors, it is necessary to think over the ergonomics for the employees who clean, so that they can quickly put the booths and washbasins in order and take out the garbage without going through the hall and working areas of the restaurant.


The main principle in the development of the hall design is to make the space comfortable for guests and employees of the restaurant. It is better to sacrifice the amount of space than to create a cramped interior.

Regardless of the type of restaurant, the tables should be located at a considerable distance from each other.

Each table should be lit separately. A bright overhead light is unacceptable for the design of a restaurant. An intimate, soft glow creates a cozy atmosphere. In this case, the passages should not be darkened. The floor can be illuminated with LED strips, wall sconces, built-in lamps along the plinth.


Ergonomics is a priority in the kitchen. Initially, all the equipment and furniture necessary for the work should be thought out. The size of the room should be such that the chefs do not interfere with each other. Ideally, you need to restrict access to waiters and provide a window or counter for serving dishes.

When drawing up a kitchen plan, it is necessary to consult with the chef and lay out in the project the trajectories of the movement of employees. Convenient placement of equipment and tools for the cook will be the key to their effective work

Traditionally, the kitchen is hidden from visitors, but in a bold interior design, you can place the cooking area behind a glass partition. In this case, the interior of the kitchen should be in harmony with the decoration of the hall.

Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “The interior of public catering places solves not only an aesthetic problem. Thoughtful design gives the restaurant commercial success. If the visitor likes the original concept, he will tell his friends and word of mouth will work – free advertising. Even if a person has never been to the establishment, but saw an interesting interior in the photo on the Internet, he will also want to come. Think about that.