Despite potential threats, your optimism and spirit is what keeps you moving forward. As per a study, 61% are optimistic that their companies will do better in the last quarter of 2021. Millennials and minority-owned business owners are the most optimistic, with 75% and 72%, respectively, believing that their businesses will improve.

What’s inspiring is that entrepreneurs like yourself aren’t only focused on business continuity, but you’re also achieving real business growth through a variety of strategies.

Meanwhile, before the third wave of covid or anything else that might crop up, all entrepreneurs need to build resilience for their business and below are the ways- Suggested by Renowned Business Strategist, Advisor & Astrologer, Hirav Shah.

1.Execute The Right Plan- Entrepreneurs execute the wrong plan sometimes

What does it mean?

People often know what to do, but they get stuck in a rut, repeating the same old mistakes.

Why do you execute the wrong plan? Because it’s easy to let the weak version of yourself win.

The solution? Learn to do things even when you don’t feel like doing them. Business is much like going to the gym. You don’t ever want to work out, but after you are done, you feel amazing.

2.Stay Absorbed In The “Now”

Building a thicker skin over the course of your entrepreneurial journey is keeping your focus on being totally present in the work, even when it’s challenging. Rather than worrying about not having a clear path to the end goal, work towards accepting challenges, setbacks and uncertain outcomes as part of the entrepreneurial territory.

Greeting challenges with an attitude of acceptance rather than resistance can help you maintain forward momentum. The reality is, there will always be another goal on the horizon as soon as the next one is reached and another challenge once the next is overcome. Practicing being present and doing the best work possible should be the key to ward off negative emotions when challenges arise.

3. Primarily, Things In Business Aren’t Personal

Knowing that most things in business are not personal, is how you should deal with adversity and overcome those challenges. Never let failure or rejection define who you are. That’s how you can build a thick skin and don’t let these issues bother you . “This will not happen overnight but it will happen over time”- Hirav Shah Quotes.

4. Learn About The Failures Of Other Entrepreneurs

Everyone fails until they succeed, including the most successful entrepreneurs. Steve Jobs wasn’t an instant success; he faced many setbacks. Warren Buffet has made bad investments, and Arianna Huffington doesn’t have an unblemished record either. But they persevered, building businesses that will last. Understanding other entrepreneurs’ histories can put things into perspective. No one enjoys rejection and adversity, but you learn and you move on.

5. Have A Foresight Bigger Than Yourself

If you have something that you truly believe in that connects to you at the very root of your purpose, you will be able to overcome challenges because when things get tough, you will have that anchor to keep you going. Whatever you are dreaming about doing, be sure that it’s bigger than you. Have a foresight bigger than yourself. Have a vision bigger than yourself.

Final Thoughts

Business resilience can take shape in many ways when you run a company. Entrepreneurs are constantly pushing themselves, taking calculated bets, or doing something that others might call a little crazy, but to them there is no path forward without a little risk and reward. It takes an immense amount of grit and dedication to try new things and bounce back if they don’t work out.

For business owners like you, that unwavering dedication to serving customers, being there for your communities, and staying hopeful during difficult times is a priority. For your customers, it’s palpable. And it’s called business resilience- Tells Prolific Business Astrologer™, Advisor and Astro-Strategist, Hirav Shah.

A good half of the art of entrepreneurship is resilience“- Quotes Hirav Shah, Finally.