Sandeep Sejwal (born 23 January 1989 in Delhi), is an Indian swimmer who has participated in Olympics 2008. He contested in the men’s 100 m and 200 m breaststroke events at the 2010 Asian Juniors in Beijing but did not reach the finals in both events. He won the bronze medal in the 2014 Asian Games in 50 m breaststroke.
Sandeep is the Senior National Champion and Indian National Record-holder in the 50 m, 100 m, and 200 m Breaststroke events. He won silver medals at the Asian Indoor Games, 2007 in the 50 m and 100 m Breaststroke events.

Sandeep’s birth number is 23, 2+3= 5 which is ruled by Mercury. His destiny number is 2+3+0+1+1+9+8+9= 33, 3+3= 6 which is ruled by Venus.

Sandeep won a bronze medal in the 50m breaststroke event at the 2014 Asian Games.

He won two gold medals in the 100m, and 200m breaststroke at the 2010 South Asian Games.

He won three gold medals in the 50m,100m, and 200m breaststroke at the 2016 South Asian Games.

He won the gold medal with a new national record in 50m breaststroke at the 14th Singapore National Swimming Championships, 2018.

He finished 7th in the finals of 50m breaststroke at the 2018 Asian Games.

He is coached by Nihar Ameen in Bangalore. He is supported by the GoSports Foundation, a sports nonprofit organization that aims to promote sporting excellence in India.

Sandeep was awarded the Arjuna award by the government of India by then-president Pranab Mukherjee.

Future of Sandeep Sejal in 2021

Sandeep Sejal is entering the 33rd year of his life, 3+3= 6 which is again ruled by Venus.
Sandeep Sejal’s zodiac sign is Aquarius and is ruled by Saturn.
5 and 6 are the lucky numbers for Birth Number 5.
2021 adds to 5

Sports Astrologer Hirav Shah says, “2021 will be an excellent year for Sandeep Sejal. This year can also bring lots of opportunities and collaboration.

Wishing the Arjuna Award Winner Sandeep Sejal a Very Happy Birthday.