Every sector of the film industry is excited that cinemas will reopen on 15th October.

But where are the films?

Haven’t people seen them all on OTT?

Yes, every film that has been premiered on OTT, will not have a theatrical release.
So, at least 21 films will not release in multiplexes and single screens, not because their producers don’t want to release them but because multiplexes and single screen cinemas will not allow such films to release theatrically.

Looking at the scarcity of playing programmes for the cinemas, it would only be wise for the cinemas to stand with the producers of such films by extending a helping hand. For this, the exhibitors will have to pardon the producers and let go of all grudges.
This however seems to be an impractical solution, but if the exhibitors truly want a feasible solution to the issue of shortage of playing programmes at the cinemas, this would seem to be most practical.
Since, most of the ready films have been committed to OTT platforms, cinemas will find it extremely difficult for films to screen, when they are open.

Hirav Shah, The World-famous Astro Strategist and Business Astrologer, who has been making an immense impact in the world of entertainment pertaining to film projects / TV projects /Live Shows / Events / Celebrities / Gaming Business / Theme Park Business etc. using his Business insights and command of Astrology says, “The global pandemic has created a drastic impact across industries. To adapt to the changing times, businesses are switching modes of operation, and now there is a storm of new business decisions and undertakings.”

Now that shoot has also started, only a handful of films could take off. Many actors are feeling sceptical to shoot in such trying times. So, completion of films is bound to delay. This is the first aspect.

The other aspect is that people will never rush for the cinemas now keeping in view the huge number of daily coronavirus cases. If there are not enough films to choose from, at the cinemas, the attraction to visit cinemas will further be reduced. If people don’t come in huge numbers, producers of big films will not favour a theatrical release. And, the audience will be hesitant to return to the cinemas for safety grounds, more so if there are not enough new films on display.

So, the most practical option in these extraordinary circumstances for the exhibitors, is to pardon the producers and let go of all grudges against them. The sooner the audience starts returning to the cinemas, the faster will the cinema business revive. Frankly, the best option for the cinemas, after reopening, would be to release all those films which have already premiered on OTT.

The sooner the exhibition trade accepts this reality, the faster will the film business start to progress, explains Hirav Shah.

In fact, each sector should put its best foot forward to revive the biggest film industry in the world.

In a nutshell, today in this world of uncertainty, there is no clarity of the future. Therefore, the desired productivity with certainty, can only be achieved with the help of astrology.