More consumers head online to research and buy products in the comfort of their own home in this digital era. This surge of the internet has instilled a concern for business owners to investigate how digital marketing can help their business grow.

Hirav Shah quotes, “90% trust peers on social networks (even the unknown); only 12-15% trust brands”

Why Digital Marketing?

Our world is evolving with digitized frontier technology. Social networks play a vital role in our day to day life. People want their needs to get done with ease, effortless to save their time & money. What will be the possible way to meet the customer’s needs? Our mind pops out with online purchasing right? Yes, it is, those purchases will come under the realms of digital marketing which hands out to both small-scale and large-scale businesses, says Astro Strategist cum Business Astrologer Hirav Shah.

Hirav Shah says, “The seller can produce attractive, useful products, services but those can’t reach the customer right away. Only via the internet marketing, those outcomes will get known. Using digital channels like a search engine, websites, apps, social media, etc, sellers can promote the product/services. Brand loyalty will get built throughout it.

Hirav Shah lists down some of the techniques that explain the needs of digital marketing for your business.


Having an idea to build a business is too easy but developing the business around the competitor is a tough one. Even small scale businesses are earning more money than the developing company. Wondering how it’s even possible? Anything is possible when you land on digital marketing. Return on investment is more profitable in this field than B2C marketing.
Because in this field, Products or even services can reach the entire world through the world of the internet. The best part is you can even track the data of your business sales and profit. Those empower us with the help of experts of SEO, SEM, SSM to boost up your venture. In this way, a business can be reachable to a high-end level even by subordinate companies. Thus people nowadays look forward to starting an E-business than the typical one.


  •  For reaching your product/services you should know about your customer/target audience. Think in a way of customer, estimate, and meet their needs.
  • Create a brand that captures the customer insight at the first moment they look at it.
  • Think of a digitized possible way that is easily accessible to the customer or client in the market industry.
  • People love upgrading themselves these days, so to grow your business. Get updated with the new technologies Which are available in the market.
  • To draw the customer’s attention, offer some discount, deals, etc.
  • To build trust try to get feedback from the buyers or customers and give the solutions to their problem personally.
  • In this way, a person starts to get the trustworthiness of your company. Then the business will get extended eventually.
  • Get to know the strategy of the digital marketing funnel which includes awareness, curiosity, desire, and action to buy. Think of this funnel and building your business to reach your targeted audience.


People look for a way of purchasing which is more convenient for them these days. A rapid way for getting products/services to the customer is through internet marketing. People around the world use smartphones from day-to-day. They all ought to look for merchandise at their fingertips.

In simple terms, they look for the upshots which are feasibly available through the digital world. Created products will not get obtainable straight away to the customer. In the case of that, we need to promote the product, and one simple way to do it is the advertisement.

Advertisement is the key role of digital marketing. Create an impeccable advertisement of products to captivate the customers. Sell those products to the customers through apps, websites, social media, etc and the only thing we have to remember is the way that people buy them. Then deliver the right supplies to the right customer.

Hirav Shah says, “The need for traditional marketing is enough in the past years. But nowadays digital marketing is becoming more on-demand for the business. If you want to build a strategy and analyze the market among the competitor best way to do is to use digital marketing to get stand out in the industry. Stay online with the digitalized world and grow your business in the best way.

Digital Marketing Astrology: It’s all written in the stars!” says Hirav Shah.

Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Moon give you the vision to introduce marketing plans that can attract audiences. These planets handle the act of inspiring you to come up with something unique and out-of-the-box. Transiting planets tell you which marketing strategy is best for your business and its future. So it is highly recommended that you take the services of an Astro Strategist who can guide you with the best marketing strategies for your business for the best results.

An Astro-strategist can provide you the momentum you eagerly want! It helps you understand how you can use marketing to interest potential consumers. If you go fishing and you know where the fish are, what kind of reels to use, what kind of baits they like, then you can catch them successfully.