Having a car number that is lucky for you is imperative. You do not want to encounter accidents and bloodshed while driving, do you? Numerology can assist you in choosing a lucky number that can help you to avoid mishaps.

A car number that does not suit you may bring in an ill impact. Hence, the owner’s personality and the number should be on par with each other.

You may opt for fancy numbers or those that are easy to remember like, 4400, 4000, 3443, 9000, 0001, 1111 and more. They look attractive on your number plate, but in reality, not all of these numbers are fortunate for you or your vehicle.

Lucky Numbers for Vehicles

Here are the list of Lucky numbers for Birth Numbers 1 to 9

The importance of lucky numbers does not just pertain to the values of the numbers, but also to the values of the letters. In most cases, car owners forget this fact and make a massive mistake when getting their number plate.

For example, the number of your car is WB11Q4522. In this case, you should not stop at counting simply the numbers for calculating the total number. On the contrary, you need to include the numeric for Q says Business Astrologer Hirav Shah. Hence, the calculation will be 1+1+1+4+5+2+2=16=1+6=7(Q is equivalent to 1)

Again numbers are governed by planets of the horoscope and influence the owner and the car. In the above specimen, the number is 7, which is governed by Kethu. This number is lucky for Birth Numbers 1, 2, 4 and 7 and also those who are spiritual in nature, but it can reduce your material gains.

Now that you know how important your luck is for your vehicle’s number. 

Wishing you all good luck

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