World-famous Astro Strategist™ cum Business Astrologer™ Mr. Hirav Shah who has worked with the CEOs of the biggest MNCs, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Performers, Athletes, Celebrities, Politicians, etc and has created an immense impact in helping them to maximize their full potential and achieve their desired results with an immaculate mix of business principles with astrology. Hirav Shah has been lately observing the trends in the business market and analyzing the importance of Strong Brand value. In this column, he enlightens our readers on how having a strong brand value can create wonders for your Business.

What has a strong brand to offer?

Hirav Shah tells us that it is not easy to build a market-dominating brand and always needs an investment of time, effort, and money. But there are endless benefits to offer in its kitty from the perspective of consumer and marketing.

A strong presence in the market instantly brings out the recognition of the best qualities you have to offer to your customer. Take an example of any known brands like Apple, Microsoft, McDonald’s, Google, Mercedes, or Nestle. Branding inspires recognition. Customers trust the iPhone so much that they wait outside Apple stores for nights before the launch of the new iPhone series.

A business’s marketing and advertising strategy are incomplete without a focus on branding. A business can not go wrong with an investment in branding. Hirav Shah specifies that a strong brand helps in:

  • customer loyalty and recognition,
  • marketing on the word-to-mouth basis,
  • increased credibility, and
  • seamless purchase.

Apart from the above, there are some other important benefits being offered by a strong presence serving organizations widely from HR to Sales to PR to the product.

So while working on your brand value building and maintenance, you must make the most of the following benefits too.

Benefits of a strong brand

1. Helps in recruitment and retention of the best talent

Consumers do get impacted by a strong presence but there is another set of crew to whom a strong presence matters the most and it’s your present and prospective employees.

It becomes easier to recruit and retain the best talent in a strong brand that is clear in its mission, values, and personality. If you continually deliver your brand promises and build your brand reputation, your employees will remain loyal to you.

2. Helps to protect against negative exposure

Under the umbrella of a strong presence, any occasional mistake or slip-up is not taken seriously by clients and likely to be forgiven. Consistent positivity in your brand works as a shield to protect your company from negative exposure in terms of some bad news, negative reviews, etc.

3. Helps in boosting your profit margins

If you have a strong presence, then customers are likely to try your new products, and pay more to buy them. It is all because of the competitive edge which your strong brand is enjoying in the market.

Not only this, but a strong brand also means you can put a premium price on your products and charge more. Consumers will happily and willingly pay more to the companies of the strong brands because they like, know, and trust those brands.

It is possible because these strong brands have invested so much in their brand equity. Consumers are happy to pay the premium prices for the products of the strong brand which helps those companies to easily boost their profit margins.

As per Hirav Shah, the only way you get wealthy and sustain that wealth is if you understand that life is not about us, it’s about what we do for others?

And if you can add even more value to that, If you can do more for others than anybody else is doing in the marketplace, YOU will dominate.
If that is what you do consistently, you’ll build a BRAND

But how can you add more value in this unsure time?
The Answer is – by getting Certainty & Clarity.

In Conclusion, Hirav Shah adds that Make sure your Logo, Name of the company, Web Presence, Print Presence, Presentation presence, Digital Presence all should be Astro Business wise correct. So when you make and execute any strategies for your Business or Brand, It helps to get things easily.

And if your branding strategy is combined with the guidance of Astrology, your voice and efforts will reach the masses. And any Business organization will taste the sweet nectar of Success!