How Business Owners Can Avoid a Black Diwali by Increasing Their Sales?

With the festival season around the corner, businesses, brands, and companies are gearing up to launch their festive sales and analyze the marketing strategies that can be used to amplify their sales during this period.

Many Business owners were trying to get in contact with Mr. Hirav Shah to suggest some Business ideas that would make their sales go North and help them in making this Diwali a bright one and not a dark one.

Hirav Shah recalls that a few months, thought of just putting a question on his Facebook personal profile that if any entrepreneurs need his guidance or have any doubts about their Business and its Growth. After he posted it, he was expecting around 50-60 queries but much to his astonishment, he received 6190 queries!! UNBELIEVABLE?? Not Really.

Hirav Shah Ji always wanted to help Entrepreneurs free of cost who have huge potential but struggling in life. After getting an unexpected result, he started a Facebook page under the name of Hirav Shah Astro Strategist on May 30, 2020. In the last five months, his FB page has gained more than 1.7 lakh followers.

Here is the link for the same

Speaking to the Business owners, Hirav Shah says, “These festivals provide an opportunity to increase their profit margin as, despite all odds, people prefer to shop during auspicious festivals like Diwali. As the COVID-19 pandemic has almost severely impacted every economy across the globe, Indian markets are also struggling to make a comeback in these tough times.”

Hirav Shah tells us that many have been asking him about the ‘Most effective marketing ideas to increase sales during Diwali’.

Hirav Shah says, “With a grim year, this has been, it is important to share a ray of light and hope in people’s lives. There is not one person who has not experienced a financial crunch this year, be it the rich or the poor. People are now thinking ten times before making any purchase prioritizing their needs. The first thing that needs to be done is to create a need. Keeping offers, discounts, and also giving a good package deal as well would work.”

Chatbots can be Quite Effective

Chatbots are now an effective tool to be in direct touch with the customers and assist them with their needs and queries. Retaining customers is key and to send out newsletters, emails and being in touch via Whatsapp, and also making things convenient such as banking services now being done at a mere Whatsapp click makes it more user friendly for customers. Offering home delivery encouraging the concept of staying home and staying safe is also the need of the hour. Boosting posts on social media is working much better than before as people are spending a lot of their time on social media and living in the virtual world.

Make your Customers Feel Special

Make your loyal customers feel special this festive season. Segregate your premium and regular customers who have already brought a lot of business to your brand. Target the top 100 of your customers. Focus on them and give them special attention by offering them personalized and special deals. Make sure they have a personal connection to you and your brand. Call them and have a one-on-one chat and let them know that these deals are specifically for them.

Focus on Customer’s Needs

Focus on customer’s needs and not on wants as most are delaying non-essential spending. Create content that’s useful or inspirational so that customers share them with their network. Cut back ATL spends and focus more on digital as screen time is increasing.

Explore e-Commerce

The Indian e-commerce landscape has been on the cusp of a major revolution as the COVID-19 lockdown puts the onus on e-commerce to fulfill all the requirements of a consumer at their doorstep. For the direct to consumer brands, which depend on brand awareness for growth, the burden on the supply chain, and even restricted operations due to operational issues for non-essentials, the COVID period brought the focus on reviewing the company strategy.

  1. Clarity on Customer Relationship Management goals will lead to better-aligned campaigns that’ll lead you to meet your revenue goals
  2. Don’t follow the default thought process of sending every campaign to every customer just because it’s a high sale time.
  3. Please don’t depend only on SMS or email! Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Hotstar are key to winning this season.
  4. Find the right balance between marketing a specific product & bombarding 1 customer with all products
  5. Stand out from the crowd by finding the right offer & timing to connect with each customer

Hirav Shah concludes by saying, “So this Diwali, where everyone will be indoors, it is important to create an emotion, connection, need, and mutual understanding to boost sales during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is time to bring out your best game and ensure that the customers will buy from you. The techniques I mentioned above are very easy to implement. Start working on them now. Do not miss out on the Diwali rush and achieve more than you targeted. Things will only improve from here onwards. Be positive, Be Aware, and Be Safe.”

A Very Happy and Safe Diwali to all